Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, so I watched American Idol last night, as any good reality tv show watcher will, and I was enjoying myself for the most part. I liked the duets, I thought those were neat. I thought Adam was great, I thought they really didn't seem to work so hard for Kris' duet, but so be it.

And then, the whole thing just fell apart for me with bikini girl.

I thought what they did to her was just about the meanest, most sexist, most offensive and just flat out humiliating thing I've ever seen.

Am I being sensitive? Yeah, maybe. But here's how I see it: So bikini girl gets a call that she's going to be on the finale but they want her to wear her bikini. Oh yeah, and they tell her they want her to sing. Well I bet bikini girl is pretty excited. So she says yes because actually, she's obvious okay with wearing her bikini right? Right.

So she comes out to that HUGE auditorium and I bet it blows her mind. I bet she's shaking in her bikini boots out there, nervous and I'm sure a little scared. Ryan makes fun of her boobs, which she seems to handle...I mean, there's no way not to notice. And then they have her sing and they purposely play karaoke music. Funny. So now this girl is standing in front of thousands of people, in her bikini, they've already made fun of her a few times, and then Kara comes out and starts blowing the poor girl away.

She was obviously surprised and didn't know it was going to happen. Kara (much older, wiser and she should have nothing to prove) bullies the girl around, gets great glee from making this girl feel stupid, over and over and over and then makes sure we all know just how important a great body really is, she rips apart her dress.

I just think it was so mean-spirited. I think it makes Kara look like she really needs to prove something and it bordered on cruel. That girl is all of 20 whatever years old for godsakes.

Then that whole "joke" with Tatiana. I realize that was a bit, but it was a mean bit, mean spirited and mean.

And then the final, with Kris winning, it was SO weird. It was like the whole room got quiet and everyone just kind of stood there looking at him. I think a lot of people were shocked, I was, but the whole thing just left a really bad taste in my mouth.

I dunno, am I crazy?


rebar said...

Your crazy not to realize that the producers PROMOTE being cruel and mean on this show.

It starts with putting all those hapless singers with delusions of grandeur (and pitch) through to be mocked openly by the judges.

It just goes on from there.

I was no fan of bikini girl and her attitude. She was just another attempt at controversy among many.

I wasn't thrilled to see her back, but I wasn't surprised. But when they pulled that shit with Kara...yeah, that was really crossing the line, because you could tell she wasn't in on it.

And while I expect the producers - and even Seacrest at times to act like bullies and jackasses, I don't expect it from the judges.

I have to say, as much as I long for new blood on the panel. Randy is useless and Paula is...Paula, I never liked the addition of 1) a 4th judge and 2) Kara specifically.

She may have the ear and the pedigree, but she's an asshole - and if we had any doubt about it, going along with the crap with bikini girl proved it in spades.

I think this might be the last season I make any attempt to keep up with. Between that and the cavalcade of "I'm only on this show because I'm dropping a new album," - this show has officially jumped the shark.

Tankboy said...

You are crazy.

Bikini girl knew what was going to happen and was complicit in the whole thing. She, like so many other folks, has grown so delusional that they actually believe this reality TV shit will actually make them famous or something. No one cares. If anything reality TV celebs exists so the general public has something to make them feel better about their lives.

As for Kris winning, it was a shock, but pretty obvious he garnered all the votes that were going to the other granola kid in the previous weeks. He was always destined to have the longer career anyway, as a poster boy for college chicks into sensitive singer/songwriters ... he gets older but they stay the same age.

rebar said...

While I agree that bikini girl is one of those delusional many that thinks that reality tv is their ticket to the big time...I don't buy that she was totally in on the joke.

I think she wanted to show off her new breasts, so she was willing to stand there and take some lumps - if only for the hope that Playboy might call her.

If I'm wrong...even if she was in on it? I'm still done with AI.

This (gag or no) is what the producers think is worthy of air time - and I finally say, Enough.

Hixx said...

I think you're right Rebar, it's always been mean in a way, it just seemed so cruel. And, AND, what about making poor old Rod Steward walk a half a mile to the mike? Poor guy was weaving more than the girl from Rumplestilskin.

And I'm cool with Kris winning, he's a cutie and he's incredibly marketable. Lots think he won because of the "gay" thing, but I just find that hard to believe, but I can be ignorant about this kind of thing.

I dunno, I'm with Rebar, it just seemed nastier than usual and I'm too old for that much nasty. Except for ANTM.

alcott said...

i agree with tankboy. my thoughts exactly.

as for lamberts egregious loss, i sure am thankful all those texting idiots were too young to vote in the General Election.

i think Idol lost alot of credibility. they may have to re-think the concept. Simons facial expression after the winner was announced spoke volumes. although viewership was down, lamberts talent drew in alot of press and curiousity from non-idol fans. (myself included)..perhaps a winner could really be exciting and a new star.?? not just for the teen crowd. ?? we thought. but then, wham.
what a joke.

lambert will have the long career. cuz he is going to do more than cut albums. the guy can act. AND sing.

Britains Got Talent. Now THATS a show...with no nasty.

Mental P Mama said...

I HATE mean.