Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving Forward

Okay, so new day. Thanks for your comments, I know sometimes I whine a bit, we all do right? And again, I'm okay with that, there is time for whining, it's just a short period of time.

So, I'm toiling over starting my own business or not. Anyone know anything about starting your own business? I'd be a sole proprietor (I didn't even know the meaning of these words yesterday, I do love learning stuff) and start a tour company.

I'm still thinking on this and have started asking questions of various attorneys that I know, it's certainly not that hard to start up (although it seems registering with federal, state and county red tape seems a little confusing, especially if you want to be completely legal about it, which I guess a lot of people aren't, but I would want to be) and I would have no overhead, nothing to buy or any of that jazz which makes it easier.

But it's a big idea and it would take a lot of work. Sometimes Hixx can be adverse to a lot of work. You know.

But it'd be cool, like a cool hipsterish tour, not the stuffy old tours your mom takes.

I'm still thinking on it, but I have to move fast. That Guardian stuff will be out soon and I had another offer for some great press, so I have to move if I want to take full advantage.

If anyone has any advice on this, I'd love to hear it, but otherwise I'm just writing it here because it kind of makes it more real you know? To say what I'm doing, to put it out into the universe.

Ack. Eek. Yay.


Dan Izzo said...
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Dan Izzo said...

If you're going to be a sole proprietorship, there's practically nothing you need to do. You use your SS# for everything (if you have a company you get a FEIN - the company equivalent of a ss#) unless you start taking on employees (even then, it's only an issue with full time employees). I ran my law practice without ever filing a single piece of paper (other than self-employment taxes - you should talk to your tax preparer).

http://preview.tinyurl.com/hhepj has some good advice (read it carefully practically all of it says 'you don't need to worry about this as a sole proprietorship').

My biggest bit of advice - marketing is absolutely key. Whatever you can do to attract clients is essential. Don't just think that because you have something cool, people will automatically find out about it. You've got to shamelessly hustle yourself all the time.

I think this is a brilliant business for you and you should pursue it ruthlessly.

I know a couple of ladies who run a tour company here in Detroit if you want a hook up.

Also, you can check out my business blog (http://www.bizzo.biz) for some random stuff.

Go for it!

Dan Izzo said...
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Erica said...

I have some books for "ladies" who want to start their own businesses if you want to borrow them. I think that is brilliant that you do this. You are a natural, and yes, the business and marketing part of it is going to be the bitch--just shifting into that world is going to be a big change, but you can do it.

I was behind on my blogs, and so I am a day behind in the encouragement. You are brilliant and I am here for you if you need anything.


Jennifer said...

do it do it do it. you have lots of friends with lots of connections and lots of mouthpieces and lots of good vibes. you are totally smart and charming and funny and great.

YAY!!! let me know if there's anything i can do to help in any way. YAY!!

Wendy said...

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can totally hook you up with the lawyers that I work for, I'm sure they would consult with you for free. One of the lawyers is an entertainment lawyer and was born and raised in Chicago, so I think he'll have some great ideas and insight on the laws here and what not. Marketing WILL be key, but I just stumbled upon a site, I'll see if I can find it that helps you build a list of contacts, so that you can send out newsletters and such and reach a lot of people in your area. I'm sure Chicagoist would put a link to your site and maybe even do a little piece on you! Just ask! I've found that with all of this marketing and networking stuff it's good to just ask for the help you need, if people can't give it, then they'll say so and you can move on, but you never know until you put yourself out there. DO IT HIXX!! I'M BEHIND YOU WHATEVER YOU NEED!!

Hixx said...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and advice.

Dizz, I'll probably be asking you more questions on this.

You guys are great...more on the regular post!

smussyolay said...

p.s. ... *i'm* jennifer. apparently, i was signed in at work, as my boss, the midwife!! HA. sorry if you were like .. uh, jennifer who?

:) do it!

Hixx said...

Ha. Smuss. I totally was wondering who Jennifer was! John and I were trying hard to figure it out.

I knew she liked me though, so that was cool.