Monday, April 13, 2009


I just sold one of my books for $1.00. I hate this book. I am happy to be selling it for a dollar. I would pay someone to get it out of my house for me. So

Wow, what a great weekend. It's weekends like this I have to remember when I get all down in the dumps and think nothing nice ever happens.

Friday Sabrina, John and I went to Blackie's for burgers and bloody marys, then Sabrina and I hung out to see Knowing, which was awful. Or as the lady walking next to us said "that was a real stinker." Friday night my lover and I stayed in and watched Foot Fist Way or whatever, the Danny McBride movie (from Eastbound and Down), it wasn't so great, but man, that danny mcbride makes me giggle. He's just hilarious. And Eastbound has been picked up for a second season, which pleases me.

Saturday my good thing happened and I'm just going to spill it; I gave a tour to an editor from The Guardian. The newspaper. A tour. For a newspaper. A big newspaper. It's going to be an audio tour matched with a slideshow and they guy said it would be really short. Don't care. Gave a tour to the Guardian. Will (hopefully) be on The Guardian's website in about a month. Chicago was just beautiful on Saturday, I had way more to say than the guy wanted which I thought was fantastic. He was really nice and said "bullocks" a lot. That made my day.

Saturday, after this great fun and professionally advantageous tour, I watched Friday Night Lights, the finale. Now, I'm still thinking about this and will do a full post, but there is NO DOUBT in my mind that FNL is the best show that has ever been on TV, ever. Really, I'm not just being all "watch my show cause its good" I'm perfectly serious. I just cried from beginning to end. Beautiful.

Saturday night was karaoke! And what a great karaoke night it was. Everyone was primed and lubed (ew) and I stayed out way too late and it was awesome

Sunday I saw my mom and then sat on the couch and watched Twilight, which was silly but just what I wanted. Oh, you teens are so morose.

Great weekend, more please.


Erica said...

WOW! Margaret! That is amazing!

Good things are ahead!

Hixx said...

Thanks love! And happy birthday to you my friend!