Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Good News Mystery Train

Kate asked in the comment section the answer to the how old would you think you are question? And I think I would say like...32. I definitely don't feel like a kid, but I don't quite feel 38. I'd say 32.

So, a really nice thing has happened and of course, I can't really go into it yet, but probably will soon. But trust me, it's of the nicest things to happen to the Hixx in a long time. I'm extremely excited about it and I know its boring to read good news of which you can't know the good news, just know, this one is really juicy. I will tell when it...unveils.

There's been a lot of thinking about "paths." (Hi Erica! I see you over there on your path by my path!) Certainly I believe that when one is doing the right thing or heading in the right direction, the universe coincides with those choices and confirms what one already knows. And I'm seeing this in my life a lot lately. When I start down the wrong path (full time job, worrying about money, assuming that what I really need to do is sell out again) that I get pretty upset, that the world is bleak and not many opportunities open up for me.

And that when I'm closer to the right path for me, it opens itself up, opportunities arise that coexist beautifully for what I was asking for.

The other morning, a rough morning, I sat in Daley Plaza. It was cold still (is it ever going to be warm?) but it was sunny. I sat in the bright sunshine and I let myself breathe in the city. I sucked in City Hall and the State of Illinois Building, I exhaled fear and worry. I let the buildings give me their energy, I thought of the men who conceived them and the men who built them. I thought of Burnham and the impossible times he had and his no small plans. I thought of Marshall Field, Potter Palmer, Montgomery Ward and Louis Sullivan battling his whole life to be seen as an artist.

I let this majestic city I have loved for so long take over, with the one thing that I have always known...this city will never let me down. This city is my protector. This city will give me everything I need.

And today it has, in every way possible.

I plan on paying it back.


Erica said...

Hi Margaret! (wave!)
It looks like the bumps in both our paths might be easing up a bit! How lovely!

I am excited for you and your new beginnings! I am sending you good energy for doing what it is that you want to do.


Anonymous said...



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