Monday, April 06, 2009

Family Ties

It was a big family weekend in our house this weekend.

Friday night John and I had a lovely night, smooching and movie watching, we even treated ourselves to cheap dinner at Garcias. There's one on Lawrence and one in Lincoln Square, we go to the one on Lawrence when we're A. cold or B. broke. We can get dinner there for 20$, and it may not be fabulous, but still a pretty consistent dinner.

On Saturday John's parents came and in their totally awesome way, brought us everything we secretly needed to buy: toilet paper, paper towels, eggs and bacon, toothpaste, and lots and LOTS of goodies. One of those goodies being a chocolate covered coffee cake with chocolate chips baked in, I'm not sure I've ever had anything so delicious, really.

And because their "our" parents, they were kind enough and interested enough to see all of the video we shot in Thailand. We had our blog, but we also had a really nice camera we took footage on, and they sat here and watched all of it, they are kind souls. And we had a thai dinner break in between. They had never really had thai food and I think they found it quite yummy.

Sunday morning they left and John and I went to mom's to go meet my other brother who was here on conference with his wife and kids. Always a happy day for mom when she gets to see those kids. And they are really wonderful kids, smart and funny and quiet and hilarious.

Then we came home and since it was so nasty out, I decided to honor that by sitting on the couch...all day. I watched Point Break, I watched Mean Girls, I watched some stand up and then I went to bed.

It's always so nice to see family, really sets us both straight on whats important...bed.

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