Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Different Things

1. Please go and check out: http://www.winnertakeallgames.com/
We're having a Winner Take All Spelling Bee at the Playground Theater on May 2nd. You can come and pay $15.00 and enter the Bee, or you can pay $5 and watch! The winner will take the money from gathered from the people who enter the Bee! it's going to be really fun. Get up on that.

2. THEMS. I mentioned it briefly, but John is co-producing and is performing in THEMS. It's going to be at the Playground starting May 9th at 10:30PM. It's a cross between movies like Aliens and Day of the Dead. It's like....scripted improv. And it's going to be excellent. You can check the website here: http://themsiscoming.com/images/thems.swf

Now, on to more important questions, mostly television based:

1. How come there have never been any reality TV show deaths? You'd think it would have happened by now, just by chance...

The Hills related:

1. How come no one ever boinks Frankie? He's cute!

2. Is Audrina getting prettier?

3. What exactly is Heidi smelling all the time? Man, that girl messed up her own face.


Wendy said...

1. Yeah, that's a really good point! You would think it would've happened on Survivor already. Btw, I suck at Fantasy Survivor this season.

2. Another very good point! Something's weird there, although, "Bromance" happened,I gotta say, those boys are totes gay.

3. Dude, I've been telling Matt the same thing! What is up with her face? And too much make-up! I want take a towel to it and WIPE! Then I could save it, it'd be like the Jesus towel.

Hendo said...

Pedro Zamora died just after The Real World: San Francisco aired. In fact, I think the last episode aired the day he died.

Hixx said...

Right, like Survivor or Fear Factor or something. And there is Pedro, but I kind of meant, someone dying FROM the reality show.

Well, I mean Heidi cut her face apart, so there is that, but the whole hair thing and blech, she is really gross now and she used to be lovely.

Totes gay!

smussyolay said...

i'd say they're keeping pretty close tabs on that shit, though. like if it even looks even remotely CLOSE to someone getting sick or dying or what have you, they're pulling the plug. actually, now that i'm saying that, i'm wondering if any of the people 'leaving' shows early are actually at the behest of the producers...

"girl, you're fucking insane. we're making up something about your mom or boyfriend or something and you're getting the fuck out of here and getting into treatment/counseling/etc. we're not having your drunk ass falling down or committing suicide/battery on someone." you know?

i watched an episode (the first?) of that new one called 'the phone' or 'the game' that JT is producing. and even though that's pretty intense, you could CLEARLY see that ol' heights freakout dude had a harness on while he was cruising around the top of the space needle.

did anyone see that ep? those two looked like they were going to cruise off into the sunset and make babies, didn't they?