Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jillian, I love thee and hate thee

So, you know I've been doing these On Demand Comcast workouts for a couple of months now. And they've been helpful. I'll usually do an arm one then an abs one, and I figure my legs are taken care of with the running and the treadmill.

I've done the "stand up ab workout" I've done the "girls of envy" or some shit. I've pranced around the room doing all kinds of things, but nothing like our mutual friend, Jillian.

This woman is a madhouse. I've never watched The Biggest Loser, but I've seen a snippet or two on The Soup. And I can tell Jillian is a badass, but it wasn't until I started doing her On Demand workouts that I started thinking I might just die.

She's doing what I wanted to be doing this whole time, really two moves at once. Squats with shoulder raises, side squats with hammer curls, situps with chest raises...

this chick is kicking my ass.

And there is just something about her that makes you keep going, such a perfect mixture of hard and soft, plus her wicked body doesn't hurt.

Today she told me just "taking the stairs" isn't going to cut it, it's nice in theory but not in practice. She's telling me this while I'm whimpering over some pushups.

I hate her, and I love her.


gennnna said...

i have been doing her 30-day workout as well and nothing i have ever done has left me that sore. and i know she's is supposed to be the bad guy or whatever but i think she's really likable on the workouts! maybe i just tend to like really mean people... that's actually probably it.

Hixx said...

Yeah, I did the Shred today, rough going. I think I might just have to watch Biggest Loser now, just to see my new girlfriend.