Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's my Friday!

Today is also my brother's birthday!

Wow huh?

So let's see....

America's Next Top Model. I hate this show so much and I love it with every fiber in my being. John said last night that there's really only 5 types of models and they just keep having the same ones over and over...the girl from the ghetto, the rich girl, the pretty girl who relies on her looks, the weird unfortunate girl and the cheerleader cute girl. Who says we ain't green? We recycle all over the place.

I've heard some rumblings that Survivor is not so good this season, but I still think we're just cutting out the rubbish. My first MVP was Tyson but I switched, but I wonder if Tyson won't be my favorite. He's such a little asshole and SO good at hiding it, I enjoy that. I picked the young smart kid as my MVP, I think it's time for a youngun to win it.

The Amazing Race is slightly more interesting this year, however, I really think they need to make the things harder. It now comes down to buses and cabs, which is fine, but where are the 1,000 locks and only one key? I did love the Asian brother and sister wandering all around the mountain and him not giving in inch. And I love the dad and son (who wrote School of Rock) they're pretty fun.

Damages, how I love thee. I loved watching Ted Danson turn into a good guy with his Buddhism and then BAM, he goes and gets his coke and his ladies and turns it all around again. He's so great, and William Hurt is so creepy and Darrel Hammond is so creepy.

Eastbound and Down is the best new show on TV. Danny McBride is so damn funny but honestly touching too. I've been watching lately just to see what happens to him, not just to laugh. (Higgins, if you're reading this, McBride reminds us of you, I think that might be why we love him so much), anyway, it's a funny show.

And American Idol, its too hard for me to say now, but I like Adam and Allison, and that Danny kid with the wife.

I have 85 other shows I watch that aren't interesting enough to go into I have to go try and stay awake and aware till 10:30 tonight. Woot!


rachelle said...

you mean "that danny kid with the wife"... that DIED? I like him too. Plus.. WI! REPRESENT! Dallas is in love with AI. He likes Lil Rounds. I do like her too.

I think we watch all the same shows. But I don't watch damages. I started recording it this season and never watched it so I just stopped recording it.

I like Taj on Survivor. I can't wait for their cross-team alliance to fall apart.

I hate ANTM but can't stop watching. Those girls be irritatin! more cat fights, please!

I'm still watching Amazing Race too. I don't know why. It is all about cabs and planes. They need tougher challenges. Things people would consider NOT doing. Things that are just REALLY hard. The drama shouldn't all be "omg this cab driver doesnt know where he's going!" grr

rebar said...

>>and Darrel Hammond is so creepy.

Dude, DH has always been creepy to me. Years ago, I saw him do some stand up out in the burbs (he had been on SNL for a few years) and you could tell he was HATING being in the burbs.

He was still pretty funny, and then he did a bit about somelike like rape or death or something that was completely unfunny. It seemed off the cuff and not part of his normal routine. But it landed with a thud.

I still remember to this day my reaction of, "Oof. Note to self. Never be alone with this guy."

I'm sure it was just a bad night...but man, I've never been able to shake the creepy vibe from him.

>>Eastbound and Down is the best new show on TV. Danny McBride is so damn funny but honestly touching too.

These are the days that I hate living without cable. (sigh)

They should create an award based on how funny he was in Pineapple Express. He freaking stole every scene he was in without even breaking a sweat.

>>And American Idol, its too hard for me to say now, but I like Adam and Allison, and that Danny kid with the wife.

For some reason, I'm rooting for Anoop (although, I HATE when he refers to himself as "Anoop Dogg.") Oof. He just seems like a fan of the show, and I always like when the fans make the cut - on TAR or Survivor, etc - you know?

Also like Lil and Danny (as long as he keep the Jesus on the DL? We're all good.

Hixx said...

You ladies are hilarious, I'm glad I"m not the only one struggling with the yin and yang of ANTM.

Darrell Hammond should be a bad guy from here on in.

rachelle said...

agreed. as soon as danny sings about jesus he'll be voted out. remember a few seasons ago.. there was that really soulful woman.. great singer. then she sang a church song and was gone the next day. learn from the past, danny! i like how they always call him a "music teacher" but in text under his name it says something like "church music teacher"

also, dallas loves eastbound and down. he has to pause it a lot so he can laugh it out and then press play to continue on with the show. it's almost funnier just to watch him watch the show.