Monday, March 02, 2009

Get 'er done

So, today was my first day of a busy week, and although its not finished's been quite a day already.

I went to my first day of volunteer dog-walking today. I love how my first day is on a freezing cold day. I almost didn't go, but I am doing my best to banish laziness from my life, so I went.

I went to Chicago Canine Rescue, a little birdie (HI ELISABETH) told me it was one of the ones that really needs people. They take all the older or handicapped dogs that won't just fly out of the shelter.

And I swear they tested me today. First walk was a little cutie who was flying all over the place. He was almost impossible to walk because he didn't really walk, he just kind of flew all over the place and I almost lost him at one point, but don't tell the people there...oops.

The second dog they gave me was a huge rottweiler looking dude, they don't scare me at all, but I am aware that this guy could take off with me if I let him. We started out okay, but soon Big Guy got really playful and wouldn't even walk at all, he'd just put his leash in his mouth to play tug. So I'm standing in the middle of Roscoeville with a huge dog who won't even walk, he's just spinning around and around with the leash in his mouth tugging and pulling and I'm trying my damndest to pull a Cesar on him and try and stand tall and be forceful, but I ended up just dragging him with the leash in his mouth to the front door.


I'll go back, but it might just be once a week for right now...or at least until it warms up some.

Now I rest until a 10:00 rehearsal, why am I being active and getting out there again? Hurumph!


rachelle said...

haha. that is funny. those shelters are challenging. the one i used to volunteer at in brooklyn was a no kill shelter and had some crazy dogs. one was blind.. some were agressive. the one i liked best was a 3-legged pit bull.. but he would pull some shit! one time when we were halfway through our walk he just sat down and wouldnt walk any more. so i was tugging him.. and pulling him.. and i can just imagine people driving by and seeing me pulling a 3-legged dog down the sidewalk. man. that guy was strong and willful. i just stood there for a while while he sat there not walking.. finally he decided to get up and finish the walk. crazy.

oh, here are a couple posts i found on my site about my experiences walking the dogs - (includes photos of the 3-legged pitbull!)

Hixx said...

They are challenging! I had other visions of how it would go.

That's hilarious about you and the pitbull, hee.