Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few questions...

What happened to to the movie version of The Road? I googled it and can't find anything. It was supposed to be out around Thanksgiving last year. What happened?

What is up with NBC...anyone have a DVR from Comcast? Do you find on your NBC shows you can't fast forward? Well you can, but it skips all the way to the end? We finally found that it only does it with NBC shows, I think they're trying to make it so we have to watch the commercials.

How old is Sabrina going to be on Friday?

Were Baltar and Caprica angels? or devils? What up with that?

Do you believe if you're unhappy it means you're on the wrong path?

That's all I got.

I was just sitting here thinking that the last time Obama had a primetime address, John and I were watching it live at 7:30 in the morning eating thai pancakes.



gennnna said...

the dvr thing: YES. only not just nbc. pretty much every channel. and not just fast forward... rewind as well. i thought i just didn't know how to use it, because it usually works fine for andy.... jerk.

Hixx said...

Tell Andy he can suck it, obviously you are evolved enough to work the tv. Ladies unite!