Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Support System

First off, thanks to all of you who have passed along encouraging messages. That really means a lot. And this is going to come out completely wrong, but it's nice to know some people are in the same boat, or at least beside the boat...well you know what I mean.

And yes, this is a really hard time for both of us (I do realize we just got back from Thailand...yes I do) and what a strange way to start a marriage...but I also know that we will be okay.

It's just so frustrating and for a lady that loves having a plan, having no plan and no real idea what the plan might even be, is a little difficult.

But we just had a state of the union and I feel better. What we're basically going to do is just sink however low it takes and make as much money as possible. We're moving in June (oh to be out of this rich person's apartment, our rent is ridiculous, but we were making 100K between us when we rented it...ANYWAY, I can see how people got so effed with mortgages) so that's kind of a short term goal now. Just make enough money to be able to move and get movers...and get out of this inflated apartment.

Then we'll see...but for right now dreams of living some fabulous life are kind of over, now we're going to make sure we can actually just keep on making it.

But we're okay, I promise. My husband is something else, what a wonderful man he is. And right now he's making pasta that is making the whole house smell like an awesome Italian restaurant.

And Lost is on.

And Top Chef.

Life could be worse, life could be a lot worse, we need - nay, I need - to remember just how lucky we really are.

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