Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Woot, there's a little frog in my throat

How is it, when one doesn't feel quite up to snuff, that EVERYTHING seems almost impossible?

I have a little scratchy throat, John's been sick with a cold and I think I got like...half of it. I'm not as sick as he was, but I don't feel good, I'm tired! But what's been amazing me is how everything seems insurmountable today. I stayed up last night worrying and fretting about a move that won't happen to us until June!

Heck, even Thailand seems like work today. Like if we had to go today, I wouldn't want to go.


Oh and to answer Kate's question, we leave on Jan. 23rd! A little over two weeks.

I'm so excited, I'm scared, I'm nervous, today I feel inundated and worried, tomorrow I will be excited again.

There's just something about headed to the unknown that at times can be completely thrilling and at others seems just too overwhelming.

So tonight while my handsome husband goes out to play with the boys, I'm going to stay home on the couch, with my warm and cuddly dog, eat pizza and watch Fierce Grace, the story of Ram Daas when he had a stroke and follow his peace and pay attention.

There is nothing helpful in fretting about the future.

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