Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the saddle

You know, even when you're not exactly going to work every day, you still kind of "take off" during the holiday. I mean, what can a lowly temp do when all her recruiters are out? She can eat and sleep.

Anyway, it's nice to be back and working and knowing other people are back and working.

Okay, so I saw Benjamin Button. A few things first (SPOILERS PEOPLE, sort of)...we sat REALLY close, the movie was full and we were in the 3rd row. My date, who was not my husband...yeah, I get around...really was uncomfortable that close. So already we were starting off on iffy footing.

BUT MAN OH MAN, did I get frustrated. The movie was fine, it was fine, but what really bothered me was that no one seemed to get what was going on. Everyone just kept looking at Brad Pitt and saying "something is strange with you Benjamin" or "something weird is going on with you Benjamin" even when it was so obvious that um...yes, something was up with Benjamin Button. Grrr. Come on people, really, no one was noticing what this thing was?

And, this was a lame attempt at remaking Forrest Gump. Lame. I didn't think Gump was such a great flick, but it did its job. A strange kind of man meets all kinds of people, experiences great highs and lows, travels the world, makes friends with the misfits, gets put in nutty situations and they both even had a pithy little line about life (the chocolate one of course and Button's "you never know what's coming" or whatever the line was). But all Button experienced was death...over and over, he didn't really get the silly highs that Forrest got, the beauty and tragedy of life, all Button got was that he's a strange guy and lots of death. Poor Button.

So my friend and I walked out right after a computerized Blanchett started talking about lesbians and dancing...see ya.

I would have stayed to see what happened as Button got older/younger, but I did not put up a fight when my friend wanted to leave. So there.

Anyway, that case wasn't that curious if you ask me.

But Hancock? We really liked. I thought I wasn't going to and I really enjoyed it. It's not a great movie by any means, but a completely enjoyable one.

Revolutionary Road is next...then the Hixx is done till after Thailand!

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katewade77 said...

Hixx, when do you leave for Thailand?