Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Money!

That was fun, we just went and spent a bunch of money all consisting of gift cards and returns. Yeep.

A few things:

We watched the Golden Globes and I thought they were a lot of fun. We cried for Kate Winslet (I heart her), we cried for that lady who won for Happy Go Lucky and we cried (I cried) when Slumdog won. Now, Slumdog is not the greatest movie ever made, but its better than that damn Button, so much more thoughtful. I was glad it raked it in.

Then I stayed up late and watched the 24 premiere. John used to watch but got so annoyed with the last season, he won't watch this time. I however am more prone to TV punishment, so, I'm in.

And you know what? I really enjoyed it. I must say. I love Cherry Jones. I love LOVE the president's husband. What 24 does so well I think, is to set up a half-crazy character and make us watch them lose it for the season. Remember the vice-president/president? And the wife? Jean Smart? All their characters like this are also really wimpy, so you have this nerd-loving compassion for them which makes it all the harder to watch them go through their pain.

I don't need to hear anymore about "the law" I get where they're going, but its a bit heavy-handed at this point. I love wondering what Tony's up to and for the first time, I really do believe that Jack just doesn't give a damn. I still wish Bill Buchanan would come back.

I'm really looking forward to tonight though, and Gossip Girl! Woot.

I'm going to lie on my new pillows now. mmmmmmm.


Erica said...

Help! I think I am addicted to "The City." And I don't want to be. I have never even seen an episode of "The Hills" yet somehow this has happened. I found myself last night just being like "Oh, I'm not really watching this--I just want to see how bad it is" but deep down I knew I was watching it.


Hixx said...

Ha! There is nothing I can do my dear friend. Unfortunately, for some reason I have not put The City in to my queue yet. I don't know why really, Whitney has always been my favorite.

Maybe as a personal favor to you I should go ahead and put it in. That way, you have someone to revel in your misery with!

Erica said...

If you do, I will love you forever.

Oh wait, I already will love you forever.

Oh man. I think there is about 10 minutes of content, maybe 7, in each episode, but that is what makes it so enthrolling....