Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blago! God Bless You.

So, I posted "Life After High School" my nanowrimo novel, under the "Things I write" section of the blog. Please read it if you like, don't if you don't like!

Yesterday my dear friend Dan called to chat, I was forcing my way through wind that was about to knock me over so I did not pick up the call. Dan said he was interested in hearing my blog-rant on the whole Blago situation.


Here's the god's honest truth - before Obama, I didn't really care. Sure, I voted for Kerry (that was my first cast vote ever) and went to one rally afterwards, but I didn't keep up, I didn't pay that much attention. I certainly knew about the Blago investigation and that he was a shady player, and I hate to say it but...welcome to Chicago.

Maybe to the detriment of myself and my city I've always assumed our politicians were shady players. Not all of our politicians...certainly I think Harold Washington was a stand up fellow, and Jane Byrne wasn't trying to hurt anyone, and who knows what might have happened with Bilandic if he hadn't been such a dummy, but in general, corruption in Chicago is not surprising.

And so I knew that he was corrupt and I knew there was this investigation and then I learned more about it certainly with Rezko introduced and Obama being brought into the mix, but I didn't really start paying attention to this stuff until a few years ago when the primary race started.

That is also why I've been silent on Obama, I know human nature, which is all elections are about, but once the policies and politics really start...well I'm a little more ignorant. So I've been reading and studying and watching but don't really feel like I have a basis for opinions.

SO, I have not much to say on Blago except to marvel at his stupidity. I mean, dude, you know there's an investigation going on, what the hell are you doing? Are you kidding? Really? Why wouldn't you watch yourself a bit?

I know Rush and everyone is hopping on how Obama is in this and I'm not afraid. He might be involved with some Blago stuff, but you better believe it that there's nothing that will tie him to this in any real way. Obama knew about the investigation too, we all did! He's not dumb enough to go waltzing around doing illegal things with Blago...well he might be, but he's not dumb enough to get caught. Believe me, Obama figured out any disparaging loops with Blago long before he ever ran for President.'s just another day here for us in politics, I'm curious to see what happens now and I plan on learning even more still, but for today, I'm just really talking out of my ass.



Wendy said...

Hey Hixx! For some reason the link you gave us for the book is not working. Will you try it and let me know? It may just be my computer.

Hixx said...

Who is this "wendy" person?


I think its because it's a google document, so if you don't have gmail, maybe you can't get it?

I'll figure out a way to post it so even non-gmail users can use!

Thanks for looking at it lady, you are pretty.