Saturday, November 29, 2008


So, last night was my 20 year high school reunion. What a riot.

I have a few friends still from high school, about 8 of us or so, exactly 8. We see each other in varying degrees, some I see more than others, but we all still really love each other, so we gathered with a few missing to pre-party a bit before the actual reunion.

It is always so amazing to get this little group together, we were such nerds, and I'm not even being self deprecating, we really were nerds, theater nerds. The best kind. We would sing and play monologue games while the other kids were drinking and having sex. We would ask our one male (gay) friend to prom over and over because no one else would go with us.

And of course now we are totally fabulous, beautiful, creative and kind women and men.

So last night we all gathered, poor John came along for the beginning of the night, but once me and my friends started singing every single song from A Chorus Line, I released him from the hell that is me and my high school friends.

We all seriously know every single song from Chorus Line, I was laughing so much, many times it was on the verge of crying, I could barely sing At the Ballet because I had a lump of love in my throat so strong I couldn't get the words out. Amazing how these people still know every bone in my body, understand me better than most, and continue to make pee in my pants, its so wonderful.

The reunion itself was fun I suppose, we had a big class (over 1,000 in my class alone) so we knew few people, especially me who lets events of the past pass away into the ether quite easily, but there were some really old friends there, people you don't remember until they walk up and punch you in the arm.

And then I had a few people who really happy to see me, that say they remember me and how funny I was, and I have no memory of being funny in high school, I just remember being maudlin and writing bad poetry. So it's always fun to see how others see you. What a trip.

And the hot guy is gay and the hot girl is married to a banker and has 5 kids but really, essentially, we're all the same still.

All those years I spent as a kid wondering what I would be like at my high school reunion, and I could not be more proud of the way I turned out to be and the way my amazing and hilarious friends turned out to be. We took good care of each other then, I owe them so much, for making me who I am.

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