Monday, November 17, 2008


Once again, what a different day Monday is when you're not working for the man.

Anyway, John and I had a nice weekend, went to Wisconsin for John's nieces (OUR niece's) birthday party. Cake and pizza. It was fun, lots of family and laughing and good ole times.

And I swear that trip up there, that three hour ride is one of the greatest times between John and I. We get so much out, we talk the whole time and its just one of my favorite things about going up there.

Things are good with me, that discussion I had with my brother a week ago has really held, which I'm glad about. My mood is good, my disposition is good, my hope is good and my friends and family continue to be awesome and helpful and hilarious.

The only thing I know right now is that I don't know, and that is really working for me. Questions come up like: Why am I looking for a "permanent" position when everyone around me is losing their "permanent" positions? There is no safety in a full-time job right now and honestly, most of the offers for interviews I'm getting are less than my unemployment.

So I'm trying to pull together lots of little things, little writing gigs, little office gigs for a day or two, things that when all pulled together make me happy and bring in some cash. John got some contract work (yay, thank you you know who you are) and that is very helpful. So...we're good. And honestly, I'm starting to really wonder if I will ever go back to full time work. We'll see where the economy goes and how things play out in ObamaNation, but for now, I'm comfortable playing this by ear, enjoying my time and my husband.

One thing I've really been noticing is the level of creativity pouring from my brain. Never in my life have I had this many things I want to do and try. I have ideas coming out my butt so fast I can get to them fast enough. All of a sudden there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do what I want.

Ha, and I thought my creativity was dead. No, it wasn't. It was just hiding under different worries and stresses.



Liz said...

A Monday NOT working for the man. I cant fathom it. :)

Hixx said...

Oh I know! It's a very weird thing for Mondays to just be...Mondays. But it's nice!

Crescent said...

This is inspiring as usual. I'm starting to have some job loss fear just by the tone of this place lately and knowing that IF that happens I can be okay and maybe even BETTER is a huge light at the end of a nervous tunnel.

Hixx said...

Crescent, hang in there. I hate working in a toxic place where that fear is going on.

And it will suck for about two weeks. And then you will fill your days with the things that please you. Unemployment insurance is a gift from the heavens!

If this happens, you will be okay, I promise. Hell, I'll take you out to pep talk lunches at the Daily!