Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Fage yogurt experiment:

Today I did FRESH strawberries, cut up and frozen and then brought to work with me. I also put in half a packet of Splenda and some Special K. It was SO much better. I ate the whole thing up. I'm going to keep experimenting, so stay tuned Fage folks.

So, due to my eye-opening experience with my friend yesterday, and the fact that I quit smoking, I made a doctor’s appt. today. It hasn’t been that long, a few years, but I thought it would be a really good idea if I had a doctor. I honestly was scared about going when I was smoking because I didn’t want to get yelled at and I didn’t want to see what I was doing. But now that I’m definitely “healthier”, I do want to know what I’m dealing with. So yeah…1/31 I go to my doctor! Yip for me.

I had the most beautiful run last night in the snow; it was really…kind of intense. I loved it. Since starting back I needed a good run, one that felt good to get back in the game. Last night was the one.

But what I really wanted to talk about today was some media, holla!

Friday Night Lights- um, wow. I’m astounded by last week’s ep. Coach Taylor is the coolest guy in the whole land. This ep was about him making all the right choices on when to talk and when to shut up. I loved his speech to Riggins, telling him that he was honorable, oh my sweet lord. I love him not saying anything to the other coach when he told him about his wife. And believe it or not, I’m taking some advice from Coach Taylor, when he told Tami that worrying about little Gracie is their blessing, not their curse. I’m actually taking that to heart…its like wedding planning, planning this for our friends and family is a blessing, and I plan to start seeing it like that instead of a large amount of work. Hee.

Amazing Race - ha ha ha ha ha ha HA. SEE YOU LATER JEN. You whiny little thing. MAN, did that girl (and Nate too, dude man, grow some) drive you nuts? Because no one in the history of the world has ever driven me so nuts, not even Jonathan and Veronica. I am just so glad they’re gone. I would be totally happy with whoever wins now, but I am definitely rooting for Grandpa and Grandson from Chicago. GO!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- Okay, so I finished the first book, and fun to watch from this view backwards. I mean, I can see with my own eyes that Rowling starts getting a lot more into it after these first two books. The 3rd, 4th and 5th books are huge. I’m looking forward to getting to those. I mean, I suppose I understand the hype, but the first book doesn’t seem any more creative or interesting than any other “magic” kid book. But I did enjoy it, but I’m looking forward to getting more into it. John says that will happen with the 2nd book. Yes?

I’m still waiting to check out Terminator, Make Me a Supermodel and American Gladiators. I’m going as fast as I can here people. But I am looking forward to Idol tonight, I love the audition ones, I admit it. It makes me feel better to watch those buttheads sing when they can’t. I love it, I eat it up. And I'm not afraid to say so.

Hee. Can’t wait.


elisabeth said...

i had never watched the amazing race before this season; grandson & grandpa from chicago are the son and father-in-law of my favorite country singer, robbie fulks. here's his little piece on their being on the show: http://robbiefulks.com/newsarchive.html?id=00078
they're the reason i tuned in. but now i'm so hooked! that shit's exciting! and i was THRILLED when the fighty mcbitchertons got kicked off. ugggghhhh, they filled me with range. i hope nick & don win, but would be happy with the hippies, too.

oh and coach telling riggins he's honorable was maybe my favorite moment of the series. ever.

high five!

Hixx said...

oh my gosh I didn't know that! that's awesome. Thanks for the info. Very cool, I'm totally for them! I love AR, its awesome.

I keep thinking about that scene with Riggins, I want to watch it again.