Tuesday, January 22, 2008


WOW, what happened to Montrose? Of course there pics everywhere, but here are mine. It was so weird this morning, hearing the helicopters and seeing all the vans and stuff. Yick. I don’t like seeing bits of my neighborhood messed up. Once again, lucky we are to have that be a shock instead of a regular occurance.

So, I’ll keep looking, but does anyone have any idea why Ravenswood is such a diverse little neighborhood in respect to religion? Specifically our section, I would say Lawrence to Ashland to Montrose to Damen. There are at least four churches I can count, the American Indian Center, two Buddhist Centers, the house of Suffism … I’m just wondering why? Anyone know this? I googled it but didn’t really find anything. Anyway…

Last night John and I watched another Everest show, this one a little more on the history, which was neat. They talked about Edmund Hillary and his son Peter Hillary. Poor Peter Hillary, lost his mom and sister in a plane crash in Kathmandu.

But I figured out that part of my love for Everest is the word “crampon” and the word “cwm” (pronounced like cwoom). Crampon. Such a great word. Peter Hillary told a story about how he was cruising up the mountain one day and he heard this horrible thumping and looked up and watched his best friend go thumping, 80 miles an hour, down the mountain.

Holy mother.


wafelenbak said...

The giant sinkhole is so crazy! And like, right at the end of my street!
I have no idea how I managed to sleep through all the commotion and had no clue what was going on until the e-mails started pouring in...

smussyolay said...

crampon ... i'm 12. cause it sounds like a feminine hygiene product for your period. like a tampon specifically designed to get rid of cramps. a crampon.

i'm cracking myself up here, i'm so ridiculous.

what the hell happened to heath ledger?