Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jan 2008

Wow, you know what? It’s almost good to be back. I am a creature of habit, and can get thrown off by things, even nice things, like vacations. This week still kinda feels like a dumb week, lots of people still not at work and stuff, but I like being back on track, a whole new year…but everything can go back to the way it was.

Except for a few additional things that I have because of Christmas! YAY!

So, here are my favorite things I got from John.

This photograph of the 1933 Worlds Fair, it is so beautiful. I could look at it all day. It’s beautifully framed and I love it. It is the prettiest piece of artwork we have.

He also got me these cool things. They’re typewriter keys! Aren’t they awesome? Now I just have to decide what I want to do with them, but I love that he got them to say Hixx. My baby.

We also went to Wisconsin for John’s family’s Christmas (soon to be known as “the in-laws”, hee). It was really wonderful. We drove up on Friday during the snowstorm, which was scary, but once we had made it there, it was just beautiful. John’s family is really kind, so very kind and we had a nice night on Friday with his mom and dad. Saturday John’s sister, her hubby and their daughter Lauren came over and that was when the big fun started. We took Lauren on a walk with Remo and when we came back Santa had come! BIG TIME. There were so many presents; it was like the old days for me. And Lauren was just too excited; here are some pics of her crawling over presents….

I got some really great gifts from John’s family, his mom has my sense of style all figured out and got me great sweaters and shirts (she told me she picked all light colors because I’m a bride now…ack) and the best of all, she got me 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books! I’ve never read them, after awhile I purposely waited so I could read them all at once. So that’s exciting. I’ve started already, they’re going to be my “before bed” books which I’ve never really done before…so yay.

I also got jewelry and perfume and beautiful “engagement” things, a beautiful wedding photo album and an ornament with our engagement date engraved on the back…things like that, romantic things. It was a really wonderful trip and an exact opposite of the Christmas with my family (not in love for each other, but in …. some way) and it was really enjoyable.

NYE was a fairly quiet affair, we went to a friends house and hung out there, John wasn’t feeling too well but rallied, so we were home early.

Plus, we had something to get home to.

Something shiny and new.

Something we finally just gave in and did and now can never spend money again ever.

Yup, we bought a new TV! HELL YES WE DID! We got a Samsung LCD 40” flat screen HD TV suckas!

It is gorgeous, just lovely. I want to marry it and love it forever. So we got an addition to John’s xbox and that will be our HD DVD player. Last night we watched Batman Begins in HD, it was so cool, I noticed that Christian Bale is very sweaty.

We also watched Pirates of the Caribbean in regular format and that was still sweet!

HD Cable comes on Saturday.

Yes, it was some money, but I figure it like this:

Now we’ll never leave the house to go spend money at bars! Right?

Here's a pic of Remo so he knows we still love him more than the new TV, least John does.

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rachelleb said...

i have one of those old typewriter keys.. an "R" .. it's a necklace.