Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Alright, couple of quick things to discuss today:

1. I hurt my ankle, my Achilles tendon actually, I think its getting better but it hurts. I tried running on it (I know, stupid) and that’s what that crazy run is over there. So…I’m trying to figure out what to do to exercise and not hurt my ankle more. I’m thinking I’m going to download a yoga podcast tonight, is that fun or what?

2. Just in case the yoga still hurts, or things aren’t feeling better in a few days, I can always read Erin’s blog post again, girl almost made me cry by giving me permission to enjoy the holidays. Weird I know, but sometimes, you feel like you need someone to tell you its okay. So, it’s okay.

3. I finished “Edge of Sadness” and it really is now one of my favorite books. I absolutely will read this book again, that’s partly why it didn’t make me sad to finish it. I really recommend it, its right up there with Great Expectations for me. And when I think about it, they’re not really that dissimilar, Father Kennedy is not so different from Pip, both sweet, humble, quiet, self-chastising…I don’t know, but if you do take my suggestion and read it, will you tell me? I want to know that I got at least one person to read it. I was just really moved. So now I’m on to The Known World, from Irish priests to slaves, baddabing! Thanks Pulitzer!

4. You know what’s been really fun? Watching people try to figure out what Sweeny Todd is. Because of my mother, I’ve known my whole life. I’ve seen Sweeny Todd maybe….10 times? In 3 different states? So yeah…it is really a joy to see people try and figure out what in the sam hell a “demon barber” is, and why is he murdering people and why are they singing about it? Great fun. And if you don’t know, you’ll be happy you do once you see it. Trust me. My family will all be there Saturday morning, yup, all of us. I’ll carry my mother on my back if I have to.

5. Alright, I’ll say it; I hate the Montrose Brown Line stop. It’s been open not even a month and it’s like they didn’t even think of how to handle it. The floor is SO SLIPPERY, it’s really quite dangerous. The writing on the wall is hard to read and confusing, you have to twist and turn to get up to the platform, there’s only one way to go up the platform (remember, there used to be one main way up but then it split into separate directions? So lots of people could go up at once?), there’s no “dinging” to let you know your train is coming…I mean, the shits a mess. Great, there’s an elevator, but the rest is shit. Plus, its not aesthetically pleasing in anyway, it looks institutionalized and it sucks. Boo CTA. A year for a train station that’s worse now? Boo.

6. I had to throw away two pairs of gloves because both pairs had a hole burned into the index finger. Smoking related. Funny.

7. That’s all.

Outside Montrose stop, even the sign is already ruined:


rachelleb said...

the known world is a great book. and... i just finished i am legend last night. i was let down a bit. i think i'd heard too much about it and the movie beforehand.

smussyolay said...

dude. i know what sweeney todd is, i just don't know that i'll be happy i saw the movie. i think i'll be scarred.

but i think i'm going anyway. fuck.

Julene said...

That Montrose station is bizarre - modern yet old. I like the parts that they have re-used from the old platforms and that some of the caked on paint is gone so we can actually tell those details are flowers. For the longest time I was trying to figure out what they were trying to have written on the entrance wall. And yes, it is way too slippery. I think that's why the attendant has to stand out there all morning - to be there quickly to call the ambulance. I only have a year until Irving Park comes back!

Hixx said...

So far I'm totally into the Known World, but I'm getting a little confused, I need to slow down!

Smuss, not just directed at you, lots of people don't know what it is and why would they? you should have seen me trying to explain to my boss, REALLY confused. Musical? He kills people and makes them into pies? C'mon, its not like its mainstream!

THANK YOU JULENE! Exactly. Exactly.

smussyolay said...

yeah. i got ya. it is fucking bizarro. sorry for the 'everyone in the world must be talking to me' attitude. lame. in fact, until i saw that dvd, i guess i was in the very same category. musical? meat pies? it's already garnering tons of award noms and stuff.

re: cta stations. they're gussying up belmont and fullerton and stuff and i have seen neither hide nor hair of a trace of an elevator. that's got to come at some point, right? ada accessible and everything? and then are they also going to take on stations like wilson/argyle/bryn mawr and stuff? give them elevators? hmm.

Hixx said...

S'all good Smuss. But don't be scared! You'll also laugh your ass off. I promise.

And yeah...hey...what happens to all the redline stuff?