Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm So Hot Thursday!

Another extremely slow day here at the orifice. But its kinda fun, everyone’s in a good mood and laughing and not working, and all the food and stuff, it’s funny.

Saw I Am Legend last night. I want to talk about it so bad. But theres no one to talk to until everyone has seen the book AND the movie. But lets just say, I loved the movie. It is nothing like the book, but it was a sweet ride and I really enjoyed it.

Okay, so I’m So Hot Thursday.

146. Yup, don’t ask me how this Christmas miracle occurred (other than the fact that I didn’t eat dinner last night and that easily could take my weight down at least a pound or two in the mornings) but still. It’s just nice to see the numbers, even if they’re fake! And at least its not 100000000000000000 pounds. So okay.

So yeah, let’s see, I hurt my ankle a week ago Tuesday. Still hurts. I think I really jammed something up in there and you know what? It’s really annoying. Its definitely running weather and I really want to go running. Run in the snow, I was looking forward to a Christmas morning run (maybe I can still) supposed to go ice skating on Sunday (maybe I still can) but I’m frustrated and annoyed with the pain and also slightly surprised with how much I realize I would like to go outside and go running. So at least some good realizations have come out of it.

I’ve also noticed how it’s thrown my whole body out of whack. Since I’ve been limping a tad and favoring it, I’m getting a few back pains and shoulder pains and stuff. How stupid you know? But not surprising. So, I’ve been trying to be like Willow and heal myself using the energy from the earth…but you know, I’m not the most powerful Wicca, but it couldn’t hurt right?

The no smoking is going pretty well! I’m definitely feeling better, I’m still moody, I’m not going to deny it, it can hit me out of nowhere really now and in a matter of seconds, BUT, I do think its becoming less? And there is still this general feeling of how I’m denying myself something I want. And there is the absence of exercise, which sucks. Because that’s where I notice the benefits of not smoking the most. BUT, I will say, I’m really starting to enjoy smelling nice. I’ve never taken the time to smell good because I knew I was stinking anyway, no reason to stink like cigarettes AND perfume. I’m also really working on paying more attention to how I look, you know, putting on some earrings and a ring in the morning. I have all this really beautiful jewelry I never wear unless I’m going out. So…I’m trying to feel good by taking care of my physical appearance as well.

Next week I’m going to get a real haircut, still long, but very different and I want to get a mani/pedi too. I just am starting to see the point of using what's at my disposal to look nice, because it really does make me feel better about myself.

So…things are good, I’m just going to work on making this ankle feel better. I have all kinds of foods and exercises I want to try after we all get through the holidays, so bring it on. Hixx is gonna be some sweet ass pretty soon!


rachelleb said...

i just finished the book and i want to see the movie.. i'll let you know when i do and we'll talk!

Hixx said...

Okay, let me know when you see it Rachelle! We will discuss!