Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm So Hot Thursday

I’m So Hot Thursday!

Well, the continuous battle continues. I honestly am so tired of stopping myself from having things I could cry. But it’s all part of this battle and I swear I’m doing my best.


At least I haven’t gained anything in the past week! Right? RIGHT?!

The exercise has been on the wane a bit, due to the weather and not feeling well. I can’t believe I was ever crazy enough to think I enjoyed running on the treadmill. Yuck. I mean, I’m glad I have it but, yeech. The past two times I’ve run on it I did some speed things and some running uphill things, both times almost killing myself completely. It’s just so boring and that whole fresh air thing ….

Anyway, I need to work on my “rewards”. That’s essentially what’s going on here. I need to learn how to reward myself without using food to do it. Which is hard, because I want to reward myself for not smoking (somehow, a bath just doesn’t sound as delicious as a cheeseburger) and I need to reward myself for not eating crap, because generally what I’ll do (and did as a smoker) was to eat well for a day or two and then BOOM, I get to reward myself for eating better by eating chicken fingers.

Hello vicious cycle, how you doin?

I’ve also been working on strengthening my core. Oh my gosh, I didn’t really realize how weak I was till I started doing some of these exercises, yikes. Hixx needs to step it up a notch or five.

So I’m going to run outside tonight for sure, if it stops raining hell-ice maybe I can keep doing it and just get past the new year without falling into a weeping heap or gaining a gajillion pounds.

If I can get out without doing either one of those things, I’ll be happy.


stephanie said...

Keep at it! I know it's so hard. I have the same problems. But keep it up!

wafelenbak said...

I recommend special non-food treats for yourself for reaching your goals. A manicure for a week without smokes. A fancier bottle of wine than you'd normally buy and a glass at the end of the day when you've exercised (it's good for your heart!). I've promised myself a brand new fancy pair of undies at Victoria's Secret once I finally get past the 10 pound mark. :)

Hixx said...

Thanks Speedy, and thanks for listening last night too! you rule.

Waflen, that's exactly it, that's exactly what I need to do for myself. And oh my, that manicure sounds right on, and maybe a pedi too. Hmmmm....

Erin said...

You are my hero.

I typed that out originally and it read "herpe." Which would have made Scott and John wonder what we were doing last weekend at that cookie party.

Hixx said...

Oh Erin, I'm going to use "you are my herpe" for a long time from here on out.

smussyolay said...

oh, the core.