Friday, November 30, 2007


You know what I think I’d like to learn more about? Tea. I love tea. I have it every morning that I’m at work, and I pretty much drink it all morning, and then stop before lunch. I usually drink green tea, but it’s like…Lipton Green Tea, I mean, its green water basically.

John’s mom got some real earl grey from London and it is so good I can’t believe it. I want to try more tea. ANYWAY, all this tea discussion is just cover for my shock and awe of Survivor last night. I don’t even know where to begin.

Hey, when did they change the opening credits? They didn’t do this last season did they? Just having the people still on in the opening? Usually it was everybody right? So the reward challenge was pretty neat, I like that they got to go to the Shaolin Temple, that’s a pretty neat prize. And glad that Denise got to go (I always want to call her Leslie, does anyone else want to call her Leslie? Is that because I think she looks like a lesbian (even though she’s not, hey double parenthesis!) and so I just slip that “les” in there? I dunno), because she really seemed to have enjoyed the whole thing.

PG just bugs, I’m sorry, I mean, she’s always thinking which is great I suppose, it’s just that thing of expecting an answer from someone, staring at them like the world is going to end if they don’t agree with you…

So, Amanda, I like her…she’s finally rising to the occasion. She kinda hangs back, plays everyone else’s game, and now that it’s getting down to the wire, she’s pulling out some serious plans. I was wondering when in the hell someone was going to catch on to James (it always seems like it takes them too long, but then you think really only a day has passed by or whatever), but really, if she hadn’t thought of it, I don’t think anyone else would have.

And STUPID James, he is SO STUPID. Dude, there are SEVEN PEOPLE LEFT. Play the goddamn idol. You HAVE TWO IDOLS. Oh my god, as John said, he deserves to go. He totally deserves it. He must be KICKING HIMSELF.

Oh my gosh I’m so mad I can’t stop USING CAPS.
You know, I’m not even mad. I’m not even. I’m annoyed. And I’m DONE WITH JAMES. He is a dumbass. He got greedy; it’s like winning a million dollars in Vegas and then wasting it all in slot machines.

Now I’m putting my money on Amanda. She seems to shake it up next week…see ya Todd.


Anonymous said...

If there was some sort of short interwebs way to quickly say "laughed out loud" I would surely used it to describe that post.

Anonymous said...



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