Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm So Hot Thursday!

Hey everyone, what’s today? Hell yeah! It’s I’m So Hot Thursday!

Few things:

Let’s go back to the weight, I’m back at 147. Which is great, because I had gained about 4 pounds right after the smoking. It was awful, I knew it was going to happen, but it was awful. 147 and I used to not be friends, but now we are. Because on an average, people gain 10 pounds when they stop smoking, and so far, besides the water weight, I haven’t gained any in 2.5 weeks, and that includes a major eating holiday right in the middle. So … kudos to me yeah?

The no smoking is good, I find that most of all I miss the cigarettes I was going to have in the future. My immediate cravings are almost none, only once in these two weeks have I thought “I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW”, and that was the Weds we got off early for Thanks vacation, man, I would have loved that smoke! But I’m mourning I think, in a weird way, for the ones I won’t have later. It’s very weird. When I think about smoking or how I’ll want one, it’s always about how I’ll want one after work, or this weekend. SO obviously addiction talking, my craving isn’t even immediate, silly.

The benefits? I’ve had a few…really warmth is the most noticeable one. My fingers are so warm, it’s just weird. I had the gross tooth thing, and certainly I’ve noticed the most when running. I’m sure I’m feeling better, more energetic, but you know how we humans don’t notice when we feel better, only when we’re feeling worse, so…

I’d like to stop thinking about it so much now, I’d like for it to just go away! I love my decision, I love not smoking, I love love LOVE being warm, I just don’t want it on my brain anymore, I swear, I need to write more just so I have something else to think about.

Now, the running is GREAT. Wow. I can’t believe it. I’m cruising around, albeit slowly still, but my speed and my distance are improving at such an amazing pace. I’ve made more strides in the past two “clean” weeks than I have in a year almost, and that feels great. The wonderful thing about quitting smoking, is you go from “Unhealthy” with a capital U to pretty much “Healthy” in one fell swoop. Especially if you’re smart like I am, and set yourself up with an exercise program beforehand.

I’m also doing some at home strength work, some lunges and some arm stuff; I’m going to incorporate more as I go along. It’s definitely shifting from “weight” to “fitness”, which is nice. Who cares how much I weigh if I can run FOUR MILES!

So yeah, things are going well for me health-wise. Now its time to make an appointment with a Dr. for a checkup, I had one a few years ago, but nothing since.

I also made an appt for my dentist for a tooth cleaning; let’s brighten these puppies up, now that they won’t turn brown right away.

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smussyolay said...

yeah, it's funny how all addiction looks the same, really. there's so much that's just so, so, so, the same. like pretty much a big obsession of new non-drinkers is .... 'but i won't be able to drink at my wedding.' and more older timers have to remind them ...

but are you getting married soon?? no. are you engaged?? no. are you even dating anyone? no.

it's sort of funny when you break it down like that. but it's still not as funny to the person who is still all broke up about not drinking at their wedding. it's just funny to us, because we all went through the same angst.

so, it's interesting to see the same angst played out over addiction over addiction. when i think about giving up sugar, i think ... 'but i won't be able to have sweet, beautiful cake at my wedding ....'