Monday, July 31, 2006

I do

Huh…apparently John said Lauren BECALL, not Lauren Hutton, which makes more sense I suppose, but still…I don’t believe we can compare me to either.

So…the weekend, it was good. Friday night was quiet, quick, early dinner at Mi Tierra then home to start the Cribbage Weekend Tournament. We are now 7 and 2, John’s up. Of course. Because John has superb luck with cards and is smarter than I am. So that puts me at a win of two games. But the tourney is not over, so the fat lady has not sung.

Saturday we went to the wedding of our friends Erica and Fuzzy. It was a truly lovely ceremony that had everyone weeping. I also loved that we, the audience (yes, I said audience, it was an improv wedding for petes sakes) got to say our "WE DO"s after they said theirs. A really sweet touch that made us all feel involved.They are massively in love with each other, and it was wonderful to see them married.

Despite the fact we were in a hot box with no air-conditioning and 100 of their closest friends.

I mean, is that emotion in her face or what? My lord, she's such a sweetheart.

Sunday I gave the hottest tour ever to about 11 very patient, kind people and one new docent who wanted to see if this was a tour she wanted to give. The Architecture of Culture and Commerce is one of my favorite tours, no…my favorite tour, because the anecdotes and stories of Field and Burnham and Potter and his anecdote-ful wife, Bertha, liven the tour and make it really fun.

Last night I watched the Real World Key West until I was almost annoyed with them all, which means a lot.

Today I wilt like a flower in a wet pond as I attempt to take off pounds with hot exercise.

Tonight, continues Cribbage. Pray for me folks, I cannot win against John’s magic powers.

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