Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Defending My Life - To No One in Particular

A few weeks back, during a particularly nasty weather day, a friend made a comment on the ever-dangerous FB about how shitty the weather is. I got called out on this post because of my love for winter.

One thing I'm learning BIG TIME in meditation is how much I love to defend myself. Give me something to defend myself over? Holy shit, I'll be all over that. In my mind, I defend myself almost all day, for my opinions, thoughts. I'll have imaginary conversations with imaginary people - all defending myself.

SO! I did so here too. And the slush and the shitty weather were making it hard for people to walk and in my snarky honesty I posted about how it was good exercise, no?

And I actually got the middle finger - the written middle finger.

That's fine. Not the first time.

But this is where this comes from:

This is Katy Says - she changed her name for the website, but I started following when she was Katy Says and so...that's what she is to me. DEFENDING WHAT I CALL THIS WOMAN...see?

Anyhoo, Katy is all about natural movement. She's really freaking logical and cute and interesting and I've been getting really into it. She's a big believer in walking a ton (ahem, yes, me too), she's a big believer in "working out like a fiend isn't really doing you any favors," which is always nice to hear. She's all about retaining mobility through your older years, and this is my job, so it's important to me too.

She believes in going outside, getting strong all day, loads instead of just movement (bike riding and swimming are "dessert" movements because there's no load) and I bought some of her videos for 5$ and they are awesome and have helped me tremendously. She also gives a lot of information away for free. Best.

Well, my girl Katy is big on going outside in winter. Lots of people are getting really into cold weather for your health. Katy is also really big on trying to vary your step, I walk on concrete for HOURS every day - that's not so good for me. Now I try and walk on the grass (good for your ankles), I try to hang on trees (hanging is also the new thing), so when it gets cold...

YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE COLD! It's GOOD for you. It's good for you to learn how to walk on ice and through snow and sleet, it trains your body in a whole different way.

You're supposed to be hot too. And carry different loads. And walk faster and slower and on a curve and over tree roots and you're supposed to lie in the grass and run through it barefoot and not wear high heels and watch your "treasured parts" on your bike (you're seriously smushing it all) and same with belts and bras even.

Anyway. That's me defending myself.

The next time it's gross out, maybe it's a challenge instead of hell?

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