Friday, January 08, 2016

50 Shades of Whatever the Fuck

About two years ago, after taking a really solid look at myself - I decided something.

I decided to let my natural hair color grow in.

Like most ladies, I have been coloring my hair for FOREVER. I started in college, just for fun and then eventually I noticed gray hairs in the roots and then I started to color it because OH MY GOD I CAN'T LET MY GRAY HAIR GROW and I'm still so YOUNG.

I also color my own hair most of the time too, for reasons:

The time in the salon.

The small talk.

The fact that it takes 2 hours to get my hair colored and cut.

The small talk.

The $$.

The small talk.

And you know when I color my own hair I'm a big spaz right? And there are like, clumps of color in one part of my hair and none in the other and it got so bad, it really did. 

And I thought, once I turned 40.

But at 40, I couldn't let it go.

By 43 or so, my caring so much what I looked like started to fade. My hair was starting to fade. I was getting sick and tired of the television telling me what I should look like (can your hair pass through the head of a pin? NO??!?!?! YOU ARE FLAWED) and I had a friend stylist who told me truths about my hair.

So I started growing it out. I got my hair cut pretty short, then my salon friend put a few highlights in and we started the process.

And it all comes full circle 2 years later, when my sister-in-law asked me in all honesty, who was coloring my hair because it looks awesome?

And I jumped up and hugged her and shook my fancy hair all over her face.

I didn't, but I could have.

And now my hair is my own color, the color it's supposed to be. Now I spend 20$ every 3 months to get a great haircut at Supercuts and they never make me talk to them if I don't want to.
It's long too, past my shoulders, and it's 80,000 colors of blonde and gray and brown and I love it.

I recommend it ladies. There's more to it than just the $$ or the small talk (not really, the small talk is the ultimate victory, but this has to have a moral ending) but I'm not fucking around with that bullshit anymore. Ain't no one telling the Hixx what hair color she should have or that she should put her hair through pins to be a success.

If you're thinking about it? Try it. Just try it.

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