Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

It's OVER!!


Christmas is over! The goose got fat! THEY ATE THE GOOSE (the one as big as me sir?) and all that is left is the bones of the Christmas goose.

And I am really good with it.

Downtown was so crowded this holiday season, what with the warm weather and all, it was a madhouse down there. Busier than any Lolla ever.

And it's great and horrible because it's these huge families and they're all fighting and laughing and taking up the whole sidewalk and they're SLOW because they're happy and fighting and my parents are both gone and there is no "going home" anymore for me, that means nothing to me now and I see these families and these little kids and they're just going to grow up and someone is going to have to tell them it's never going to be that easy again...

When I quit smoking, I remember being relieved when winter came, because really no one wanted to smoke outside in winter - in summer it was everywhere - in winter there was relief.

I feel like that now - it's over  - I don't have to watch all the things I want and had at one point and don't have now (don't feel too bad for me, we head to my husband's house in Wisco next week for family Christmas, but it's not my blood family, not our traditions, etc) and now we're all back on equal footing again.

Bring on the ice, bring on the snow, bring on the quiet, bring in the funk, bring in the noise...

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