Saturday, September 15, 2012


So I've been trying to get stronger for Morocco. Physically, mentally, but mostly physically. There's lots of mountains in Morocco and John and I want to hike some. Now, I run and stuff, but uphill walking in Morocco is a lot different than walking on flat prairie like it is here.

BUT MAN, with multiple tours most days, walking to the train and back (mainly John has taken over walking the dog now, which is unexpected BONUS!) but I walk a lot lately. A lot.

And my body is hurting.


I keep yelling at John and Sabrina and they keep making fun of me, because my job is never hard, (sometimes, but not often) but it is a physically demanding job, especially if you're turning into an old lady.

Somedays I have THREE tours and I'm walking ALL DAY LONG, outside, in whatever weather happens to be lurking - and then I get home and friends and husbands want to go outside! Because they've been stuck INSIDE! And I'm like DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I'VE BEEN OUTSIDE ALL DAY, TALKING TALKING TALKING AND WALKING ALL DAY? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?

So tours have been busy lately and all the walking plus my extra physical push anyway, youch. My bod is starting to get a little worn out. My legs are achy every day.

I'm not complaining (yes I am), I mean, I wouldn't have it any other way of course, I know my job is cool and awesome, but just a warning maybe to your friends that have weird jobs...don't assume they're not working their asses off. Don't assume a day off means let's go walking outside!

Also, my brother and I were talking about this, when you run your own biz, there's never anyone there to tell you what a good job you're doing, how they see you're working hard, how they're proud of you. 

Sometimes what we non-conventional people need is a kiss and a hug and a "hard work! I know!"

We shouldn't need this, I shouldn't need this, but we do. Everyone could use a little feedback. And sometimes even though we think other people's jobs seem neat and like no work at all, they are work. A lot of work.

John (after much yelling about how much I walk all day) is definitely catching onto this! Ha. But I thought I'd throw it out there in case some of your loved ones have strange jobs.

Give them the day off they want, tell them you know how hard they work and how proud you are of them. They'll LOVE it. I promise.


Julene said...

Totally notice this in Russ now that he's freelancing. Fridays he's all - let's get out of the house, go talk & play! Me: I don't want to be around humans any more.

Hixx said...

Yes. I understand this. JUST LET US LIE FOR PETES SAKES.