Sunday, July 15, 2012

Survivor and my new mantra

I went to the cattle call for Survivor today. I had the best time ever.

I got up really early, 5:30! and walked over to my brother's, borrowed his car and drove to freaking Brookfield Zoo and stood in line for my one minute of fame.

So hot, it was so hot. I got there really early and there was a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lots. I figured somehow that line would stick as we drove in, totally not. I could have gotten there at 9:30 when the gates opened, it didn't matter.

I ended up being about 150, there were maybe 75 people behind me in line? So not too bad. They started right on time at 10 and I was done right exactly at noon.

And I think I did awesome. My new mantra: Why Not Me? was very helpful here. Because I almost wanted to go, I was so hot, it's only a minute that you get to talk, they hardly ever pick people from casting never freaking know right?

Why not me?

I'm awesome. I told them they needed to get someone funny on that show, what a powerful tool it was. I said I was fit but clumsy and that I could lie like a rug but my face betrays everything.

I told them I was going to be on 190 North tonight.

It was fun.

The other thing is, it's like the lottery: chances are one in a bathousand that anything would ever come from it, but it's 100% against me if I never show up for it.

I felt great afterward, it was a little Hixx adventure.

Breaking Bad.

Who cares about anything else.


Melisa Wells said...

I hope you DO make it, and if you do, we need to come up with a little signal you can do on camera so I know you're thinking of me and wishing you had Steak n' Shake. And Lou's. :)

BTW, I totally volunteer to be your tour sub while you're gone. I mean, did you EVER THINK ABOUT how you'd have to set that up before you go? And I'm practically your apprentice as it is. ;)

online business cards said...

Wow. I hope they'll call you for casting. Survivor needs a funny gal to heat up the scenes and make it exciting. They better take you in or else! lol

Hixx said...

Yes thank you all very much! That's what I wanted to tell them. Just take me right now and be done with it right?

Anonymous said...

bathousand is a new household word