Friday, December 16, 2011

Suck It Sadness

This is how I know I'm a relatively mentally healthy human being.

I can't stay in yesterday's space very long. I hate it there.

This morning I woke up with a ROAR.

I have so many things in my head, so many worries, fears - blah. My competition is creeping on my butt, my mother is failing, there's never enough money....

And I just felt like today all of that could suck it.

There was a post recently, guh, I dunno, Guillbeau or Godin who said "everyone says there's plenty of time, THERE ISN'T. Whatever it is you want to do you have to hop on it NOW."

I'm kind of in that mindset. I have so much freaking work to do. Good work. Happy work. Work that will make people smile and laugh.

It's time. Time to do the work. Time to make the donuts.

Merry Christmas (and Holidays!) my friends. Thank you for being afraid with me and happy with me and joining me on my ups and downs I know you all share. Thank you for making me less afraid because I have the most hilarious people around me. And I'll watch you get old and I'll laugh with you about peri-menopause (Erica) and when you're stuck in the old folks home, I'll come see you and I'll bring a tiny cheeseburger and whether you can understand me or not, we'll laugh and laugh and sing and sing....

And then I'll go back to my room around the corner and sing and laugh in there.

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