Friday, September 23, 2011

Excited, nervous, ready

Guh, tours in the late season like this - I thought it would all kind of quiet down but everything gets just a smidge harder because the weather is just less likely to cooperate. Honestly, I've had a few more tastes in the past week or so, of what it's going to be like this winter and I'm aching for it!

You all know I love giving tours, but DAMN, I'm tired of worrying where 90 people can go to the bathroom, I'm tired of taking awesome seniors out on a riverwalk tour and it starts pouring and we're miles away from our lunch place. I'm tired of worrying about it honestly.

I have started my creative juggernaut in earnest now. I'm working on two things in my life right now, getting my website up to par for a few nice things coming in October and November and .... my creative juggernaut. My juggernaut (I'm just not ready to spill all the beans on it but I'm pretty sure all of you know what it is mostly) involves writing and research and sitting with books open on my lap and cups of tea. My website stuff requires me sitting down with a couple of hours to figure out how to install one particular type of plugin.

I'm enjoying this work. This cozy work, this indoor work.

I never would have believed it, but my awesome, summer, outdoor job has made me more excited for winter than I have ever been.

John is home, nice to have him back.

My brother gets married a week from Sunday! Family starts coming in next week and celebrating and toasts and lunches and dinners and laughing and dancing and happiness.

C'mon winter. I can handle it.

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