Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Is anyone using google+? I can't really figure it out, it's all new and newfangled and I just keep seeing everything that I saw on FB. Huh.

Things are good, we've had the in-laws, we've had the niece and nephew, it's been really lovely to have all this family in town, our fridge is full and John's mom (such a peanut) managed to send new SIZE SIX pants, so I even have clothes that fit me!

Now, y'all, now it's just a matter of getting shit done.

There's so much to do, my friend Sabrina is finished with her crazy project at Second City, (ahem, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) and it's time for she and I to start on my creative endeavor.

I also need to strengthen my other senses in regards to my business, learn more about SEO, start getting out there for networking events, that I'm letting the concierge go, I need to spend that time and worry playing with something else.

My business needs to become fun for me again and more importantly, marketing needs to be fun for me again...what I think this means is more personal interaction and more time figuring out what marketing works for me.

Also John and I are working hard on our home life. Now that I'm starting to make tour season money, we've been awesome about paying off our debt and starting to be able to save a little money...

And it's time to start thinking about our next trip. Because the only reason I'm doing what I'm doing is so that I can travel the world. That's it.

So much floating in my brain, so much running around to do, so less tv I need to watch.

Speaking of, why am I watching The Bachelorette when I haven't watched in years? I have no idea. My god what junk.




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Melisa with one S said...

I'm on Google + but haven't had time to mess w/ it and frankly don't like it so far. But maybe I will. Who knows?