Monday, October 25, 2010

Maybe a little TOO excited

Tomorrow is a big night. Real big night.

Tomorrow night they do Rocky Horror on Glee.

Now, I try not to talk about this time in my life much, because, well, it's slightly embarrassing...but the truth is, when we were pre-teens, we used to go to Rocky Horror all the time.

All the time.

We would sweet-talk each of our parents to drive us into the city on a Saturday night at midnight and go to the Biograph and the poor parents would have to sit through this movie and drive us home at 2 in the morning.

I don't know how or why we got our parents to do this, I mean it really is one of the most sexualized movies ever, lesbians and gay and transvestites and drug use and everything. And we didn't just go see RHPS, we DID RHPS. We cast it between ourselves (there were 8 of us) and we'd rehearse, we'd spend all our hard earned 5$ on costumes for it, we'd make costumes, get make up, the whole freaking thing. Then all 8 of us would pile into someone's station wagon and we'd do the floor show in the middle of the Biograph...some of the regulars would get mad but I think we must have been pretty amazing.

We knew the WHOLE thing, we knew all the additional lines, all the movies, hell...we even came up with our own ORIGINAL dance for the opening song, Science Fiction Double Feature. I can still remember a lot of it, if pressed.

We'd go to jr. high in our I HEART RHPS Tshirts with the name of the character we did on the back. We were such nerds, no one understood.

We did this for many years, there were many fights over who was going to do what part, it almost split the group up on one point when we were about 15. Big summer, big big summer.

Big question then is, who did I play? Is it really a question? Or is it really easy to figure out? Hmmm?

I was Frankie. And I was good. Real good. Oh man, I worked so hard on it, the lips, the mouth...I loved Tim Curry. I even bought his album.

Tim Curry "I Do The Rock"

Tim Curry | Myspace Music Videos

Marnie was Brad and Meatloaf, Audrey was Rocky and back up Frankie, Gingy was Janet, Jessica was Columbia (with Missy as backup, that was always a HUGE fight), Lisa was Riff Raff, and we were fantastic.

I haven't been in ages, we used to talk about going again but haven't. I'm really looking forward to seeing this tomorrow night. I need all my geekdom of almost 30 years ago to come flooding back.

RHPS forever. Long live Frankie. Dammit Janet.


Columbia said...

Hellz YEAH! The only tolerable part of my adolescence. Good times. Good, good times.

Erica said...

Charming Underclothes.

Hendo said...

Friday night me and Megan are planning on going to the RHPS at The Music Box at midnight. You want to come with us?

Hixx said...

Hendo...maybe yeah! Let me see if John would be up for it.

Hendo said...

I hate to say it, but tonight's Glee was HORRIBLE. Which only makes me want to see the movie all the more this weekend.

smussyolay said...

i've never seen it all the way through. i liked this glee, but most of it was lost on me. there. i said it.

Hixx said...

Aw Hendo I thought they did a really good job!

It was REALLY honest, like down to exact lilts of voices. Certainly Sweet Transvestite wasn't, but they had to do it that way I think.

I mean really, that's about as risky as you can get on Fox. I enjoyed it.

Oh, and I think we're in for Friday!

Hendo said...

I hated that they decided that Frankie needed to be a black girl with lots of spunk who decides to "reimagine" the role.


Also, changing the lyrics to "Touch Me"? Ugh.
"I thought there's no use getting into heavy SWEATING; it only leads to troubly and DEEP FRETTING. And if anything SHOWS while you pose."

Really? But you can make a joke about the shorts showing too much "nuttage," and make a joke about Stamos "seeing a hole to fill and filling that hole," to which Santana replies "Wang."

I found it a cynical ploy by Fox to promote the upcoming 35th anniversary Blue-Ray version of RHPS. Which, by the way, will feature interviews by a couple of the members of the shadow-cast we'll be seeing Friday night in the extras.