Monday, July 12, 2010


So this past week I gave a full weekend of tours.


I went as a touree to a Pedway tour on Monday, went on another tour as a touree. So great seeing other people's tours. I really enjoy it. I forget that sometimes.

Here are the tours I gave this week:
Weds - Second City Tour
Thurs - Boystown Tour
Saturday - Boystown Tour
Sunday - Second City Tour and a Boystown Tour.

It was what my weeks are supposed to be like and it felt real nice, real nice.

My Boystown Tours were only two people a piece, but they were there! And the tours were great, really nice people and fun tours. So...hopefully it's getting better.

Tonight I give a concierge preview tour, I have eleven concierges coming and I'm totally happy with that. After the tour we all head over to Halsted Tastes Better and all the concierges get free entry and 8 free tickets! Perfect.

Last week they asked me to emcee Halsted Tastes Better which just tickles me and pleases me. So after the tour I get to emcee a bit. And ALL the concierges get to see me be funny and important to the neighborhood. So that's great.

I'm also setting up some volunteer stuff at The Center - give back to the community a bit.

So...I feel great today, I feel good about my tours and hopefully, hopefully...this concierge tour will help me out as well.

Can't hurt anyway.



Tomorrow? I beg you all to help us acquire things for Burningman, so Higgins, listen up!

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