Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pop Culture Updates

Okay, so according to previews tonight is going to be a good fight between Russell and Boston Rob. Now, I think Boston Rob is way more powerful than Russell, but this is Survivor and anything could happen. Part of why Russell was so great last season is because the rest of the cast were dumb as dumb rocks. I think it's kind of fun to watch Russell go up against Boston Rob, to me he seems like a tiny little dog trying to lick the big dogs butt. We'll see, but I'm voting for Boston Rob. For everything, including President in the next election.

I keep getting stuck watching ANTM but can't commit to a full-on watch.
Not doing Gossip Girl either. Heresy, I know.
I'm trying to keep up with Idol, but if I miss one I have no real desire to get it. So if I miss one I miss one.
Modern Family still rules everything, The Office has jumping sharks written all over it and I'm seriously sad about the change of 30 Rock. Liz Lemon used to be everything, now she's just weird and the show is really out there, it's turning into Ally McBeal.

Watching the last season of The Wire and have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. If you need a show to rent and you haven't seen it, do it. I know this is nothing new, but still. Just do it already.

After The Wire I have one more season of The Tudors to do and then I'll be looking for another show to start. My thoughts are Veronica Mars - which I've never really seen or How I Met Your Mother - which I've never seen. But of course, I love love love Neil Patrick Harris. Any other thoughts on this?

I'm reading a great book, "Harlot's Ghost" by Norman Mailer. (I just had trouble coming up with his name, all I could think of was Nelson Mandela, I'm so old.) Not only is it a fantastic book about the beginnings of the CIA, but I love the paper. It's almost like....Bible paper. You know? Really thin and flowy. Eff you Kindle. Let's see your Bible paper!

After I'm done with that book, which is a HUGE book - I've been reading it for 1,000 years and I'm not even halfway through - I have The Last of the Mohicans.

Tomorrow we leave for the Dells with some friends. I'm excited and it will be so good for John who's been working his arse off this week.

Wish us luck!


Erica said...

Ugh. I wasn't going to watch ANTM this season. I didn't even know it was starting. But I didnt delete it from my queue and there it was, staring at me with its big dumb smizey eyes last week, and so I had to check it out.

The whole time I watched it, I was saying "I am not going to watch it this season" but then it was less stupid and campy and the models were good.

So last night I turned it on AGAIN and watched the first little bit of it, and I stupidly really enjoyed watching the naked shoot, but am so far only about 20 minutes in. But all day I've been thinking to myself, "Do I want to go to class tonight, or should I stay home and watch Top Model?"


rachelle said...

Was Survivor on? I went to watch it and it was basketball. And then another friend of mine Twittered about it... am I going crazy!?!?

Hixx said...

Erica, I know. It really does drag you in doesn't it? It seemed a little better this season but I just don't know if I can commit.

Rachelle, no! March Madness. Stupid basketball!

smussyolay said...

do you watch LOST, hixx?

rebar said...

I'd encourage you to watch Veronica Mars. I sat down and watched the complete series about a couple years back and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.