Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Oh my elusive friend.

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't have a tour those days so I can stay inside, do a longer workout, not rush and I can work ALL DAY. Really, normally I love it, knowing I have the whole day to do what I need to do.

Alas, for some reason, today is just not doing it for me. I exercised this morning and that was nice and as I finished and thought about what it was I needed to get done today...I just kind of...wandered off. Shoot, I started off unfocused! I just couldn't concentrate and stay on a topic. couldn't think of anything specific I had to do although my whole business life is filled with specific things I need to do. I thought to myself "well, normally you like to work so maybe you're just not into it today. Maybe you should just take the day off, you won't get anything done today."

So. Freaking. Sneaky.

I know better than to listen to my brain being lazy. I came downstairs and attempted to work. I dallied around a bit on twitter, on Facebook but then I took the advice of countless people who say "If you can't think of anything specific to do, just do one thing you know you need to do." And I started there. I wrote a Chicago Elevated blog post for tomorrow.

Then I made a deal with myself after I walked the dog. I work one hour hardcore on marketing, one hour hardcore on some personal stuff and then you can go watch Season 4, Disc One of the Wire.

And I freaking ran with it. I'm proud of myself. I ended up making phone calls I didn't want to make, sent out a ton of press releases I didn't feel like sending out and now have 20 minutes to catch up on some personal things (not many RVs left for rent in Reno for Burningman!) and then I can let my laziness take over, knowing that I actually did a lot of good today.

I've been reading a lot about "resistance" lately, from Godin to Guillebeau, this seems to be the biggest enemy around. It's a sneaky little bastard and it will keep me from doing what I need to do. Today I beat it, or at least half-beat it. I did get work done when all of me just didn't feel like it today.

They're right, resistance is futile.

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