Sunday, January 03, 2010


Sunday afternoon. Perfection.

It's been quite a few weeks with the holidays and New Years and family and struggles and happinesses. What a lead up to our new lives.

John goes to work tomorrow.

It's a very weird feeling honestly. We really have spent every day together and I know that this is by far the best thing for us, I'll miss the bugger. But we have so many plans, so many dreams, so many things we want to have happen for us, his going to work is just too exciting.

Also, my tours start on Jan. 18th and I'm pretty freaking stoked about that.

I have never had New Years be such a distinct change. As far as I can tell everyone is pretty excited about being done with 2009, I am too. It's time for us to move on.

So we have one more day of luxury, one more day of lying about, one more day of getting slightly annoyed by each other but also laughing with each other. And then....tomorrow, our lives begin again.


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