Monday, January 25, 2010

With a Vengeance

When John tells me I'm neglecting my blog, you know it has to be true. Silly husbands.

Whew! Okay, so wow. Last week was good riddance, it was like 2009 packed into one week.

I got sick, John worked massive overtime, I didn't even see him really and if I did, I didn't care because I was going to throw up on someone and it's probably good he wasn't there.

So what's up with me? What's happening?

I'm good. I'm hella good. I'm real good.

Had a good tour today, there were a lot of people from my old job and it was really sweet of them to show up and support the Hixx. Really sweet. Also an old docent friend came which was really nice as well. I'm looking forward to strangers coming as well (ahem) but all new business starts with friends right? Right.

I'm still very much struggling with marketing stuff. I feel like I just don't have time to get to it but that's a lot of Hixx malarky, I have time to watch The Wire, I have time to market. But really, the past few weeks have been about getting the tour ready, then I got sick for like 4 days last week and am just now feeling the fire in my belly (the good kind) to push this shit. So this week will be busy!

One of the familiar exercises one does when trying to change their life for the better requires you sitting down and in detail, describing to yourself the kind of days you want in the future, everything from what you will have for breakfast to what you'll do that day. Then, once you have that you do the little and big things to make all of your days as much like that as possible, cutting out the stuff you don't want and adding what you do want.

Last night, as I was mentally preparing myself for today (which I do everyday, I just like to visualize how each day is going to go, it's a planning thing....and a control thing) and I was thinking about the things I need to do today - exercise, breakfast, meeting about the tour, tour, work, party tonight - I thought to myself "that is damn close to the "perfect" days I would imagine for myself back in September.

A Monday people. A Monday turns out to be a nearly "ideal" day.

That's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Man is not made for defeat. A mean can be destroyed but not defeated...................................................

Hixx said...

Seriously, I LOVE certain spam.