Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One is not the loneliest number!

The loneliest number is ZERO.

That's how many people came to my tour today!

Now, I've been expecting this...who wouldn't? It'd be silly to expect lots of people every time. But, one person would be nice right?

But this is what I'm doing and this is precisely why I wanted to start with the Pedway Tour. My tour for spring is going to be AWESOME and I didn't want to waste time with the learning curve for that. So the Pedway Tours more than anything, are an experiment in marketing.

I read all my guys, my Godins and Guillebeaus, I know my business is not going to leap off the ground with no hard work or learning involved. I realize that I have to learn how to become a marketer as well. I'm okay with that. I'm okay with making a bunch of mistakes, trying things out, learning, I really am. I did it this way on purpose.

But it just makes my little heart sad when no one is there, it's like the tour itself is not fulfilled and I feel sorry for it.

But here's the thing: I've never started a tour business before. So there are going to be lots and lots of mistakes and lots of no one showing up and lots of getting re-motivated and all kinds of failures...not one person I have ever read says "No failures." I think every entrepreneur ever has had millions of them, I have mine. And I want to learn from them and move forward.

So, here we go. I'm going to send out some press releases, make some calls, get some listings...see what works and what doesn't work.

I'm proud though that my first thought is not "Oh this is too hard, it's not working, it's not worth it," but is "okay, no one today, how do I get that to 2 on Friday?"

Now I just have to figure out the answer.


rachelle said...

i'm glad you've got a good head about this.. i want to come to a tour.. just have to wait for work to settle down a little bit! keep your chin up!

rebar said...

If I worked downtown, I would totally sign up for this...I'm so utterly curious (having only used the pedway that's linked to the red line once like 10 years ago.)

There MUST be other curious folk who actually work downtown. find them!

Hendo said...

Make sure you hit up every concierge desk in town.

Anonymous said...

Also 3 can be a very lonely number if two of those people are ignoring the other one.

Hixx said...

Thanks guys! I so appreciate the support, truly!

I feel fine about it I really do. This is all part of learning right? Right!

We keep pressing on.