Friday, January 29, 2010

On Track

One thing I am rapidly learning is that you just never know what each day will be. Some will be great, some will suck, some will be a whole lotta nothing. I'm very much learning how to Buddha this out and enjoy the good ones, but not take them too seriously.

But today is a good one.

I had FIVE people on my tour today! Yay! And they might have just tipped...YAY!

I was so happy to have people there, not because of money or even my ego (maybe a little bit of that) but because I truly enjoy doing this. If there is no one there to enjoy a tour guide, do they make a noise when they fall in the woods?


But see, this is pointless without people to see it and enjoy it. So today pleased me. I have some inquiries for next week and I booked a private tour for March. So um yeah. Good day today.

AND, John got his second paycheck today and he worked A LOT of overtime and the check puts out all our fires. It's not quite getting us to the gravy train, but it can take care of our "emergencies."

My god, we're going to be okay.

I hope everyone has a really good weekend, it's not so cold when you're standing right in the sun with a black hat, black coat and black scarf on...


Anonymous said...
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rebar said...

Over the weekend I watched a short doc on hulu called "Lemonade."

Oddly enough, it was about creative folks in the ad agency biz (like J) who got laid off...and then decided to start their own thing.

Anyway - it's like 30 minutes long - you should check it out.

I have a neighbor who got laid off and has started a business that she loves too - as a professional organizer.

A lot of what you say about working from home, being excited about what you're doing - all of it - I've been hearing from her as well.

I find both of you to be quite inspiring. Keep on truckin', lady!