Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My new crush

Oh exercise, you silly beast.

Since I work out everyday at home and since we have no money (still broke till January, no fun being broke at Christmas, but it's still Christmas and relief is on its damn way) and since the Xbox with streaming Netflix is AWESOME, I have been trying out more workout videos.

I had to move away a little from Jillian, only because it just got a little redundant, I wanted to try something new and I have a new girlfriend, Ellen Barret.

She's really the anti-Jillian and she's in a ton of these videos. I think she's mostly a pilates girl, that's where I see her the most. She's very pretty, very quiet, she tells you it's okay to put down the weights if its too much (not like Jillian!) but admittedly, sometimes I do put down the weights because she told me it was okay!

But she's so nice and pretty and I just want her to be my mom. What's also really weird is that I've started seeing a lot of the same girls in the background. Kristin from Jillian's No More Trouble Zones is in a lot of these, the Crunch videos have a lot of the same girls, it's weird, like a undiscovered world.

Anyway, here's a little promo vid of my new girlfriend so you can see how pretty and soft she is, get up on her (not in a gross way, she's pretty and quiet, leave her alone!):

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