Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Fun

I'm back! We're back in Chicago, thank goodness.

I managed to go ahead and get sick while we were in Florida (really, just yesterday as we were leaving, at least my timing is right on). I haven't been sick in a few years really, it's kind of gross no?

Anyway, the wedding weekend was a riot. We got to Ft. Lauderdale and the second we walked off the plane we felt the wet heat, it felt fantastic. We zipped over to Wendy's mom's house and were put to work immediately as that was where the rehearsal dinner was that night. We were washing tables and chairs and sweating like mofos. Then we went to our hotel, a great place, really a timeshare condo so it had a full kitchen and porch and a huge jacuzzi...and for a really great price to.

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly standing in the pool. The great thing about destination weddings of friends is that you're really just taking a vacation with all of your friends anyway. We laughed and drank and played in the pool.

The wedding itself was gorgeous, Wendy was a beautiful bride and Matt was a handsome groom. John looked fantastic in his tux and I was all gussied up, it was so fun. Wendy is Latina, so the dancing for the night was all this great salsa dancing and I have to admit, it was a little hard for all us white people to get up and try to dance after we saw the true moves of Wendy's Latina family. Hilarious.

We went to the Hard Rock Casino and lost money, watched Independence Day from the huge jacuzzi and laughed and laughed.

And maybe the greatest part of the trip is my lack of trip jealousy. All my life I've had a hard time coming back from vacation, crying a little, wondering why I had to go back to my job, etc. But this time, none of that. I have work to do folks, I can't spend all my time hanging in the pool in Florida! Plus, the cold had me ready to come back to my couch and my dog.

All in all it was a great trip and a great wedding and Matt and Wendy are just too perfect for each other. And I'm home.

Time to work.


rachelle said...

ha. i didnt even put two and two together when I saw olivia's post on the florida wedding and saw your blog posts about going down there. cant wait to see the rest of the photos!

wafelenbak said...

sooooo...did you wear the turquoise dress? and which shoes did you choose??

Hixx said...

Yes! I was there with Olivia! Fun wedding, I can't wait to see the pics either.

Waflen, I wore the turquoise dress! But I only wore it to the wedding because every single woman had on a black dress and I felt weird. But the dress looked great...I'll find a pic somewhere.