Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ask the Gallery

So yeah, it's Tuesday. It's normally Ask the Hixx day, but you know what? I've answered enough questions. So I have questions for you, my lovely readers. Please to answer any or all of these questions and know that I truly need the answers!

1. What do you do to avoid "resistence?" The nagging, obnoxious voice in your head who tells you it's just fine to sit on the couch rather than work, exercise or call your mom? What are your mental tricks for getting around this?

2. Are there special agents (ha) for something like a travel show host? Or hosts in general? I think maybe I need an agent, but I really don't want to do commercials or that kind of thing...anyone?

3. Anyone have any budget tips? John and I have started weekly meetings on our budget and are now on Mint.com (where we discovered our expensive habit of non-Chase ATMS), but I'm wondering what software/websites you use, or any special tricks you have of saving or spending money?

4. Where can I get a cheap eyebrow wax and haircut?

5. Is it okay to wear a turquoisy (aqua blue really) dress for an autumn wedding in Florida? And if one were to wear shoes to said wedding, would they be black shoes or creme shoes?

Thanks you all! Help me out huh?


Kate said...

I'm bad at avoiding resistance. The only way I can stop the nagging voices is to think about what I need to accomplish and set a firm date of when I will do it. If I can't determine a date in the forseeable future, I either do what needs to be done right then or take a short nap and then do it (the nap thing is more for creative stuff like writing and such).

I don't really know about the agent thing. My general understanding is that you do the thing you want to do -- hosting, acting, playing football, whatever -- and eventually you'll either determine you need an agent or one will find you. You could also call or write some agencies and ask them questions.

My biggest budget tip is to have money automatically taken out of your account every month and dropped into a savings account you don't touch. Don't depend on yourself to physically withdraw money and put it somewhere else. I put money in both an ING savings account and a Roth IRA -- you'd be surprised how quickly it adds up (well, the ING money anyway ... still waiting for the IRA to bounce back some more).

The aqua? Wear it. I'd have to see the shoes to make a choice, but I'd say choose whichever ones look cutest.

Julene said...

Re: #2 - let me know if you need someone to help you out getting a reel together - my roomie (russ) said he would be happy to help out - he's got access to all the cameras you will ever need.

Hixx said...

Kate- I hear you, I have a very weird reward system to get me through this stuff.

Okay, I'll bring both shoes and see which are cuter!

Julene, thank you my friend, I may take you up on that!

Crescent said...

#4 - Thairapy on Lincoln. They are great. Ask for Kate for nails. She's my neighbor and friend. And you get free wine.

#5 - yes. that color is always fine.

wafelenbak said...

1. Caffeine. Really. I wish I had a better answer than that. Also, I am a list maker and actually get a perverse pleasure from crossing things off my list, so that helps. Also, 43Things is good for holding you accountable in the longer term.

2. No idea. Sorry!

3. Anyone have any budget tips? This isn't exactly a budget tip, but I highly recommend getting an ING savings account if you don't already have one. It is absurd how much interest I have made on that account the past two years.

4. No answers here either, sorry.

5. Is it okay to wear a turquoisy (aqua blue really) dress for an autumn wedding in Florida? And if one were to wear shoes to said wedding, would they be black shoes or creme shoes?

YES!! Turquoise in Florida is PERFECT. Wear some pretty island jewelry, and I think either the black or creme could work if they are strappy/summery.

Dan Izzo said...

1. What do you do to avoid "resistence?"

I schedule playtime. And alternate play and "non fun" stuff in half hour increments. So I play for 1/2 an hour, then do some work for 1/2 an hour. It's better than goofing off for the whole hour, and you still get to play.

2. Are there special agents (ha) for something like a travel show host?
Check with a casting agency in Chicago. Might I suggest Mickie Paskal at Brody Tenner Paskal. Remember Ross from the consipracy? She's his wife.

3. Anyone have any budget tips?
Mint is great. We write down everything off budget that we spend on a sheet on the fridge. It makes you think twice when you have to fess up.

Otherwise, I got nothing.

Hixx said...

You guys are the best, thank you for your answers! Turquoisy dress it is and black strappy shoes. John will be in his tux, we'll be cute. I'll post pictures.

Great answers and thank you. Caffeine and playtime it is. I can handle that.

smussyolay said...

umm. i pretty much needed the answers to all those questions, too! thanks hixx and friends. we definitely need to get together when you come back. have fun at the wedding and black shoes, for sure. YAY