Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sundays. How I love thee.

So, I'm all gung ho about traveling and leading a non-conformist life right? But you know what? And you may have asked yourself this about the Hixx, but I don't live in a vacuum. I have a handsome husband and a very sweet dog and just because I make a decision about my life, that doesn't mean that everything and everyone around me hops to it, that would make it easier certainly, but that's not how it is.

Now as I settle into this and work on "how to be awesome" and "how to quit my job and travel" I also need to work on making this happen with the life I currently lead. I don't believe my husband is quite as gung ho about the non-conformist life as I am, so I have to find the way that serves his needs and serves my own.

And this is where the goal setting and compromise come in. If I have a dream for my life, a plan, a wish, it is my duty and the duty of my husband to help make this come true. But it is also my job to help make his dreams and wishes come true. So if John's wish is to buy a home some day, we need to start working together on how we're going to make this happen. Do we travel for a few years? Plan on buying a house at 50? Do we concentrate on making our lives house-buying worthy first on then work on my plan?

I'm not sure, of course. What I am sure of is that he and I need to come together with an actual plan...of any sort.

So my next goal for myself is to actually formulate a goal with my husband. A goal for our house, for our marriage, a point, a reason. Otherwise all this work just floats into the ether and I'm tired of our money and our life flying in and out, we need a grounding point, a place to come back to, a dream to hang on to.

My short term goal though is to make it to burgers on pretzel bread tonight, we can go from there.

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