Monday, August 10, 2009


Made it! I MADE IT!

A show opening, a shower, a bachelorette party, wigs, a tour, dinner and my birthday and I'm ALIVE.

What a great weekend, a long list of things to celebrate.

Here are a few things I learned over the weekend:

1. I can manage to look like a full-grown, adult woman when I want to.

2. It's not that often that I want to.

3. I am 39.

4. A hot tour may not turn out to be my best tour

5. boys think they are stronger and sturdier than women when it comes to getting their party on, they're not, we are. Take that and smoke it.

6. Wigs can make some women look hot, they can make other women look hilarious.

7. I am a firm believer that the hilarious camp is just as much fun.

8. Sometimes the first one back can be a little rusty, it's to be expected.

9. A Starbucks Passion iced tea unsweetened can be a goddamn lifesaver

10. There are only two funny scenes in Mall Cop, the preview shows you both of these scenes.

11. Tolkien is a damn genius.

12. My husband is pretty cute.

13. Weddings are great fun to be a part of.

14. Especially when you've already had yours so no work is involved.

15. Ain't no rain today, I really should have ridden my bike.

You can see I've grown very wise in middle age.


Erica said...

GAH! I missed your birthday! Happy happy happy birthday!

You make 39 look goooooood.

wafelenbak said...

Happy birthday, Hixx the Minx!

Hixx said...

Thank you ladies! Woot!

Hendo said...

Two things.


2) you grrrls are not stronger than all boys, just certain boys like Jerry. Matt's bachelor party was, for me, 13 straight hours of drinking. And I made it home, by myself, in one piece. No puking.

smussyolay said...

dude, i like mine sweetened, cause i'm a sugar hound, but that passion iced tea lemonade shaken sweetened medium whatever the fuck order you're supposed to say it in sorry starbucks dude and i'm still saying medium freakout .... I LOAVE that shit. i could drink it by the gallon.