Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ask the Hixx - REVEALED

Sorry everyone, yesterday got away from me. But I am here now!

Let's begin:

From Erica:

Q: What's your favorite album?

A: This is weird, I have to tell you all, I have the musical tastes of a twelve year old girl in the 80's. I am 39 in 2009 and I still have the tastes of a girl in the 80's. So my favorite album...hard also because I haven't listened to a whole album in so long. In some ways I want to say Thriller. In some ways I want to say REM's Green. I love Paul Simon's Graceland...but the truth of the matter is, the real truth, the songs that I know backwards and forwards, every single one of them, the album that has the most songs represented on my ipod is A Chorus Line. I know I know, but it is. Every note, every change, every switch, every everything. Ugh. I'm such a dork.

From Waflenbak:

Q: What would be your perfect breakfast?

A: Honestly, a good old fashioned American/Thai breakfast. They don't pasteurize their eggs in Thailand and they are DELICIOUS. Oh my goodness, I never knew eggs could taste so good. They also fry their eggs mostly, you have to ask for a scramble. So two fried unpasteurized eggs, a small amount of thai potatoes, fresh bacon right off the pig and a glass of pure orange or pineapple juice, or, if you're feeling really crazy in Thailand, you mix the two juices together. Yum.

From Jamie:

Q: What IS the perfect song to run to?

A: Well, keep in mind my musical tastes. Right? Right. Second runner up "I just can't get enough" by Depeche Mode. First runner up "Body Electric" from Fame. Winner of the best running song ever, "We Will Rock You" by Queen. I swear, everytime that song comes on I get faster, I smile, I laugh to myself and feel like a total stud. The only problem is, the song is quite short, however, it makes up for its shortness with a fuck of a lot of energy...much like Tom Cruise.

From Becky:

Q: What do you do when it's raining? Still go running? And, as a lady, are you afraid to run at night with headphones?

A: Depends on how hard its raining out, on a day like today when it's cold and you have some sprinkles or light rain, I run. It's that whole stud thing again, I feel like a stud when I ride my bike or run in the rain. It makes me feel extreme you know? But if it's raining hard or whatever, I'll stay inside and walk on the treadmill. I don't really run on my treadmill anymore, but do hill walks and speed walks, and it's good because it's whole different muscles.

A.5: Am I afraid to run at night with headphones? I guess I should be, but I'm not really. I still run and just turn down my headphones so I can hear what's going on. What I generally try and do is make it so I'm the difficult person to attack. Certainly walking the dog makes me harder to attack, or if I'm just really aware plus I live in a nice safe neighborhood. But I have a great park too, right at Damen and Winnemac and there's always tons of people running there and playing with their dogs, that seems to be a good answer.

You guys are great! Such good questions...thank you!


Katheel said...

Step kick kick leap kick touch... AGAIN! :)

Hixx said...

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU.

I mean for petes sakes right?