Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ask the Hixx - Revealed

Okay, this is silly. I'm just going to answer all the questions because, well, they're all good ones.


Question: What is a Working Girl dinner?

Answer: A Working Girl dinner is when a handsome man makes you dinner, preferably someone who looks like a young Harrison Ford (I originally typed "Harrison Fork" that made me laugh) and is all thoughtful and cute about it and gives you little cookies. Oh, and the girl has to have actually been working, which I was, so that helps.

Question: What is the best way to get out of credit card debt, while still having some fun in life?

Answer: Here is a lesson my brother taught me long ago: money is just an instrument to pay for goods and services. Nothing more, nothing less. The emotional attachment - anger - happiness, etc is all something we place on money, it doesn't inherently carry emotion. So the way to pay for credit card debt is to realize that its money, this is what it's for. It's to pay your bills. Money is not related to "having fun" or "fucking up." It is only an instrument, like a car is to get you someplace, or a couch is for sitting. Use your money to pay your bills, use your imagination to have a good time. God I love my couch.

Question: What is your death row meal? One regular beverage
One booze beverage
Salad OR soup
an app
main course (which can include two sides)
Dessert OR an after dinner drink

Absolut and 7, in a pint glass please
Baked potato soup with lots o' cheese please
Cheeseburger with fries (lots of cheese, scallions and bacon) and mac and cheese
Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookies in it and chocolate ice cream in it and a snickers bar in it.

(Just for fun, let's see what John's answers were, I don't even remember because it was last week)

John's answers for that question:
Diet Coke
Vodka & 7
Matzo ball (2 bites)
Crab Rangoon
C Burger FF Mac&Ch
Chocolate cake with 2 layers of frosting inside

Oooh pretty close!

Last question: How in the hell do you walk and not get blisters on your feet?

Answer: Very carefully


Nice work everyone, we'll be back next week with more Q&A's, tomorrow back to our scheduled programming...


rebar said...

"Use your money to pay your bills, use your imagination to have a good time"

I am going to make this my new mantra until I reach my goal of getting my cc's paid off.

Thanks, lady! (and your bro.)

Erica said...

Yes! Thanks Hixx! Great advice!