Friday, July 17, 2009

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

well really, I'm just sitting in my office.

And no one would really be sitting on the dock of the bay, because, well, it's cold outside. Sigh.

So things are coming together with the tour, Second City has gotten a ton of the word out (what a lovely sentence that was, heh) and people are sending me links they found and stuff! It's very cool.

Yesterday I went to Old Town Ale House to interview the owner/painter of the naked Sarah Palin picture. What a riot. Bruce was extremely friendly and open and interesting and had many a story to tell. Oh Old Town, you crazy town.

I can't wait for the first tour on Sunday, I'm nervous, but I'm also not, I'm just excited and ready for this to become a normal part of my routine.

I have my next creative outlet ready to go and I'm itching to get started on it.

You know, John and I have been living without TV for awhile now (yes, I really just changed the subject, a lot) and it's so bizarre. I get a lot of my information from TV and I feel really out of the loop without it. But it's a good out of the loop. I missed all that Michael Jackson stuff which I think is a good thing. I don't know about murders or anything, I don't have any idea whats even on TV anymore. We still have our Netflix and have been watching movies and stuff, but to not even have network tv just feels truly odd.

I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday, the lady told me I had strong eyebrow hair. Lucky me!

On Eastbound and Down a character walks up to Kenny Powers and introduces himself, he says "I'm Alan Hicks," which is weird, because that was my dad's name. Really weird.

I love Kenny.

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